Feeds and Institutional Repositories Coming to Zotero

We’re delighted to announce that the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded $440,000 to fund a two-year collaboration between Penn State and George Mason University to develop and assess new Zotero functionality for tracking, organizing, and archiving scholarly publications.

Key new Zotero features will include:

  • Feeds in the Zotero application. Users will be able to add RSS and Atom feeds to track their favorite scholarly journals and easily grab new publications by simply dragging them to their Zotero libraries as desired.

  • Integration with institutional repositories. The Zotero team will work with the developers behind Penn State’s ScholarSphere institutional repository (IR) to allow Penn State faculty, students, and staff to deposit self-authored works directly into the IR from Zotero. A pluggable architecture will enable other institutional repositories to establish similar connections with Zotero.
The IR integration will rely on two key new Zotero technologies to be developed under this grant: a push-based API and a standalone service that connects Zotero to other web applications. Working together, these two new features will enable a range of actions in third-party web services triggered by changes in Zotero libraries, much like an IFTTT for Zotero.

The Penn State team will be led by Ellysa Stern Cahoy, an education librarian who has already conducted extensive research into how faculty manage and archive scholarly communication. She will build on her research to assess how this new Zotero functionality helps humanities scholars to refine their research practices.

Advanced Zotero Workshop at Harvard Kennedy School

Registration is now open for a unique, one-day Advanced Zotero Workshop at the Harvard Kennedy School on November 8, 2013.

The workshop is aimed at scholars who have been using Zotero for a while and would like to get even more out of the software, receive specific advice on any issues they encounter, and get all of their questions answered. Registration will remain limited to eight participants, who will benefit from a workshop targeted to their needs and interest.

The cost to attend the workshops is $250. Sign up while there is still space!

The workshops will be conducted by Sebastian Karcher, one of Zotero’s most active community developers, who has a wealth of experience using, supporting, and developing Zotero. Contact him at karcher [at] u.northwestern.edu with any questions about the workshop, or if you would like to host an advanced user or Zotero trainer workshop at your own institution.

Summer Zotero Workshops

Sign up now for Zotero Trainer Workshops this summer:

  • June 13-14: Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, MA
  • June 20-21: AWHONN Offices, Washington DC
  • July 11-12: Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
  • July 25-26: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

During these intensive (and fun!) two day events, participants acquire an in-depth understanding of Zotero’s capabilities, how to extend those capabilities, and how Zotero can best meet their users’ needs. Participants also learn and share best-practices for teaching and supporting Zotero at their institution and approaches for developing institution-specific documentation.

The workshops are targeted at librarians and anyone else who supports or wants to support Zotero at their institution or department. While basic familiarity with Zotero is recommended, there are no technical prerequisites for participating.

The cost to attend the workshops is $350. Due to the hands-on nature of the events, enrollment is limited. Sign up while there is still space!

The workshops will be conducted by Sebastian Karcher, one of Zotero’s most active community developers, who has a wealth of experience using, supporting, and developing Zotero. Contact him with any questions about the workshop at karcher [at] u.northwestern.edu

Zotero 4.0 Launches

We’re delighted to announce the immediate availability of Zotero 4.0, which offers loads of new functionality. Many of these features were requested and designed via our support forums and developer list, and we’re excited to put them into the hands of our users! Here are a few highlights:

Automatic Journal Abbreviations
Zotero now comes with built-in journal abbreviations that match publications to their standard shortened forms.
Journal Abbreviations

Colored Tags
Zotero 4.0 lets you to assign colors to up to six of your favorite tags to highlight important “to read” articles or other items that you would like to find quickly at a glance.
Tag Colors

On-Demand File Syncing
The latest version of Zotero can be configured to download files only on demand to save bandwidth and disk space on devices where you don’t require your full Zotero library synchronized. A new attachment indicator UI lets you know at a glance whether a file has been synced and is available.

On-Demand File Download

Automatic Style Updating
Zotero now performs a daily check for revised citation styles and automatically downloads them as needed.

Detailed Download Display
Our iconic one-click import just got better: Zotero now immediately shows which collection is receiving your newly saved items and indicates whether any attachments have been grabbed.

Download Details

Beyond these highlights, Zotero 4.0 includes many under-the-hood improvements that set the stage for major advancements in the very near future. As always, if you have any questions about Zotero, a dedicated group of users and developers are happy to help you in our support forums!

Many thanks to Sebastian Karcher for contributing screenshots and text to this post.

Zotero Storage Subscriptions Upgraded

We’ve upgraded our free and lower tier storage plans significantly beginning today:

Old Storage New Storage Cost
100 MB 300 MB Free
1 GB 2 GB $20 ($1.67/month)
5 GB 6 GB $60 ($5/month)

For those keeping score, that’s tripling the free plan and doubling the $20 subscription. If you’re an existing subscriber, there’s no need to take any action: your account has already been upgraded.

As always, the entire balance of Zotero storage subscriptions is fully available for shared libraries and collaborative groups with any number of members at no extra charge. For complete pricing details, please visit our storage support page.