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Preferences Window

Many of Zotero's features can be customized via the Zotero preferences window. The window can be accessed by opening the Zotero pane, clicking the “Actions” button (the 'gear' icon) at the top of the left column, and selecting the “Preferences…” option. With Zotero for Firefox you can also select “Add-ons” in the Firefox “Tools” menu, look up the entry for Zotero and click the “Options” button. With Zotero Standalone you can also access the preferences by selecting “Options…” in the Tools menu.

The preferences in the preference window are divided over the following tabs:

  • General - adjust appearance and set miscellaneous features.
  • Sync - set your username, password and (if desired) WebDAV server for syncing.
  • Search - turn full-text indexing of PDFs on and off and see relevant statistics.
  • Export - specify how bibliographies are generated
  • Cite - add and remove citation styles
  • Proxies - configure proxy server settings (not available in Zotero Standalone)
  • Shortcut Keys - configure keyboard shortcuts for Zotero
  • Advanced - storage location, database integrity

Hidden Preferences

In addition to the preferences shown in the Zotero preferences window, Zotero has a number of hidden preferences that only can be changed through the about:config page of Firefox or Zotero Standalone.

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