The Export preferences pane is used to choose a default citation style or bibliographic data format and configure other settings for exporting data from Zotero.

For information on adding and removing citation styles from Zotero, see Citation Styles and the Cite pane in Zotero preferences.

Quick Copy

Quick Copy allows you to quickly export items in the specified format. You can set your Quick Copy Default Format to either a citation style, such as Chicago Manual of Style (note), or a bibliographic export format, such as BibLaTeX or Zotero RDF. Press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-C to copy the full reference to the clipboard. You can also drag the item to any text box in another program. If you set your default format to a citation style, press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-A or hold down Shfit before dragging to copy the in-text ciation or footnote.

Besides setting the default Quick Copy format, you can also change these Quick Copy settings:

  • Language: What languages should be used for Quick Copy bibliographies and citations?
  • Copy as HTML: Quick Copy citations as regular text (default, generally recommended) or HTML (useful for pasting in web pages).
  • Site-Specific Settings: These settings can change the default Quick Copy format when a specific website is open in your web browswer with the Zotero Connector plugin installed. For example, you can set the default export style to Wikipedia Citation Templates when copying references to insert into Wikipedia articles. This feature makes it easy to use different citation styles and formats across contexts.
    • See Zotero and Wikipedia for more information.
    • You can also assign multiple citation styles or export formats to different keyboard shortcuts using the Zutilo plugin.
  • Disable Quick Copy when dragging more than … items: Setting this option (default: 50) can prevent Zotero from slowing down when draggin a very large number of items.

Character Encoding

  • Import Character Encoding: By default, Zotero auto-detects the proper character encoding when you import bibliographic data. If this doesn't work correctly for a file, you can specify the correct character encoding here.
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