Getting Help

Need help with Zotero? To resolve your issue as quickly as possible, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Update Zotero

Upgrade Zotero if you aren't running the latest version, as your issue may have already been resolved in the most recent release.

Step 2: Check the troubleshooting pages

If you have a general question about Zotero, check the Frequently Asked Questions and Knowledge Base.

If you're experiencing a problem, the following dedicated troubleshooting pages may be helpful:

Step 3: Post to the Zotero Forums (Really! It Works!)

If you can't find the answer to your question in the documentation, post a message to the Zotero Forums, where you'll get fast, expert support directly from Zotero developers as well as long-time community members. See How Zotero Support Works for more information on how this allows us to provide the best possible support.

In general, please start a new thread for your issue. It is much better to start a new thread rather than posting to thread with a potentially unrelated issue. The Zotero developers or volunteers on the forums can point you to a relevant thread if one exists.

If you're new to the Zotero Forums, please read the forum guidelines and bug reporting procedures before posting.

Note: You need to create a Zotero account and log in to post messages to the Zotero Forums. You can choose a different username for the forums from your account settings.

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