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Changes in released versions of Zotero 5.0 are documented on this page. To follow development, see the commit log.

Changes in 5.0 (In beta)

Functionality changed or added

  • A Unified Zotero Experience
    • The two full versions of Zotero, Zotero for Firefox and Zotero Standalone, have been replaced by a single standalone application for users of all browsers. A new Zotero Connector for Firefox, similar to the extensions available for Chrome and Safari, allows you to save to the Zotero desktop application or in a single click.
    • If you're a current Zotero for Firefox user, you'll be automatically upgraded to the Zotero Connector for Firefox, and you should install the Zotero application if you don't have it already.
    • Blog post forthcoming with additional details
  • My Publications
    • Easily build a list of works — articles, papers, books, etc. — that you've created and share them on your profile page on
    • Files can optionally be made publicly available to download under a license you specify
  • Feeds
    • Subscribe to RSS or Atom feeds — such as those made available by academic journals — from within Zotero
    • Browse new entries and add them to your Zotero libraries with a single click, with metadata and files automatically collected from the associated webpages
  • New syncing architecture
    • Selective library sync
      • Choose libraries to sync from the Sync pane of the preferences
      • Individual libraries can be synced on-demand via context menu
    • Independent syncing of libraries
      • Conflicts or other problems in one library no longer prevent other libraries from syncing
    • Improved handling of very large libraries
      • Data changes are now synced incrementally rather than in a single batch
    • Improved handling of sync conflicts
      • Many situations that previously resulted in conflicts are now automatically resolved without manual resolution
    • Immediate sync triggering on remote changes
  • Improved UI responsiveness
    • Long operations (e.g. large syncs and imports) are now performed in the background, allowing Zotero and/or Firefox to continue to be used
  • New stacked layout option for narrower screens
    • Moves item pane below items list
    • Configurable in the General pane of the preferences
  • Note editor improvements
    • Upgraded to TinyMCE 4 (4.5.2)
    • New flat theme
    • Search/replace within notes
    • URL autolinking
    • Unsupported image pasting/dragging is now properly disallowed to prevent sync errors; embedded images may be supported in the future
    • Increased default font size
    • New blockquote style
    • Support for non-English locales
  • Direct style installation
    • Styles can be installed from the Zotero Styles Repository in a single click without leaving Zotero
  • Allow file dragging to web targets (e.g., Gmail) and Linux filesystem
  • Advanced Search improvements
    • Simplified search condition drop-down in Advanced Search window
    • Saved searches now appear under “Collection” condition
  • Use spinner instead of items pane message for quick search bar
  • Export character set selection changes
    • Show character set drop-down in export window by default
    • Show only “Unicode (UTF-8)”, “Unicode (UTF-8 without BOM)”, and “Western”
  • Added “Manage Styles…” links to Create Bibliography and Document Preferences windows
  • New default data directory location
    • Files are now stored in a 'Zotero' directory in the user's home directory
    • On macOS and Linux, a data directory in the previous default location within the Zotero or Firefox profile directory will be automatically moved to the new location
    • Windows users can migrate from the Advanced → Files and Folders pane of the Zotero preferences
  • Improved proxy support, including support for hyphen-based EZproxy servers
  • The Actions (gear icon) menu has been removed from the toolbar, as all options are now available in menus
  • Resizing panes is now easier on macOS, with wider draggable areas for pane splitters
  • Many smaller improvements and fixes

Zotero Connector changes

The following Zotero Connector changes require Zotero 5.0:

  • Proxy support
  • CSL style installation
  • RIS/BibTeX interception
  • Improved attachment saving

Bugs fixed

  • Bypass cache when checking file modification time during WebDAV syncing
  • Preserve rich-text formatting when editing citations
  • Fixed hanging indent for references dragged to Google Docs
  • Prevent DNS rebinding attack against connector server
  • Fixed parsing of non-English months when using a non-English locale (Zotero Standalone)
  • Edit menu options are properly localized (Zotero Standalone)

Older Changes

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