Zotero 5.0 Version History

For changes in Zotero 6 releases, see the 6.0 changelog.

Changes in (February 12, 2022)

Zotero for Mac only

  • Fixed startup failure on macOS 12.3 Beta 2

Changes in (August 19, 2021)

  • OpenURL resolver list for Library Lookup
  • Drastically reduced memory usage for large imports and long sessions
  • Re-dragging an item to another library no longer restores a previously dragged version of the item from the trash
  • Don't show field autocomplete results from other libraries
  • An open item field is now saved properly when clicking directly on creator mode switch button
  • Updated behavior of colored tag toggling via keyboard
    • Update Date Modified when toggling tag
    • If any selected items don't have the tag, add it to all items, instead of deciding based on the first item
  • File sync performance improvements in large libraries at quota or with remotely missing files
  • Fixed erroneous “Only top-level full items can be merged” error trying to merge some item types in recently created databases
  • Fixed possible repeating “Reset Group and Sync” error
  • [Linux] Fixed display of Item Type menu with dark theme

Changes in (April 16, 2021)

  • [Mac] Fixed slow performance of Word plugin when Zotero window wasn't visible
    • Disable macOS App Nap while performing operations
  • Reduced online storage usage of single-file web snapshots
  • Fixed potential hang when generating citations (since 5.0.94)

Changes in (March 2, 2021)

Zotero for Mac only

  • Fixed potential hang or error updating document in Word for Mac (since 5.0.96)
  • Reverted “Run Time Error: ‘5’” fix from 5.0.96
    • This fix caused other problems, including other cases of “Run Time Error: ‘5’”, so we've reverted this change for now.

Changes in 5.0.96 (February 25, 2021)

  • Perform database integrity check after startup error
  • Check Database Integrity can now recover from additional database problems
  • Fixed duplicate collections in exports (fixed previously for Zotero RDF via translator update)
  • Fixed Cut/Copy/Paste context menu not appearing in Create Parent Item dialog
  • Fixed New Collection button not working when My Publications is selected
  • Use multi-line text box for all title fields (e.g., Case Name)
  • [Mac] Fixed “Run Time Error: ‘5’” in Word on some computers
  • [Mac] Fixed Word plugin connection error when home directory contains a space (since
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.4.61
  • Create log file in data directory during database upgrades for better debugging
  • Improved handling of future data updates during sync

Changes in (January 29, 2021)

Zotero for Mac only

  • Fixed error with Word 2008/2011 (since

Changes in (January 29, 2021)

Zotero for Mac only

  • Fixed compatibility with Word 16.44 and later on M1 Macs (details)

Changes in (January 18, 2021)

Zotero for Windows only

  • Fixed repeated installation of Word plugin (since 5.0.95)

Changes in 5.0.95 (January 11, 2021)

  • Restore “Create Parent Items” context-menu option when multiple items are selected (since 5.0.94)
  • Don't auto-sync group on remote change if not group is not selected for syncing
  • Fixed potential double-saving of snapshots
  • [Mac] Fixed incorrect sizing of UI when moving Zotero between monitors with different resolutions on Big Sur
  • [Windows] Renew digital signature of Word plugin
  • Fixed potential error upgrading old databases (since 5.0.94)
  • [Developer] Use Ace editor in Run JavaScript window

Changes in 5.0.94 (December 21, 2020)

  • Create parent items by identifier
    • When right-clicking on an unrecognized PDF or other file and choosing Create Parent Item, it's now possible to specify an identifier (DOI, ISBN, PMID, arXiv ID) to use to create the parent item.
  • [Mac] Warn when trying to use Zotero with Word in Apple Silicon mode on M1 Macs
  • [Mac] Fixed appearance of citation dialog on Big Sur
  • Prevent an invalid translator from breaking translation (saving/import/export)
  • Fixed a bug where a valid CSL type specified in the Extra field using “Type:” would be cleared on sync
  • Fixed a bug that could cause excessive sync operations
  • Fixed a rare case where creating a new profile wouldn't create a new data directory named after the profile
  • Fixed clickability of up/down arrows in number fields in feed settings
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.4.50
  • [Development] Improved cookie handling in Translator Editor
    • Sites that require cookies for subsequent requests can now be properly developed and tested
  • [Development] Don't return relative path from item.attachmentFilename for linked files

Changes in 5.0.93 (November 4, 2020)

  • Save web snapshots as single files
    • Follow-up to improved snapshots in 5.0.91
  • Additional macOS Big Sur compatibility fixes (details)
  • [Windows] Fixed copying of items with recently created snapshots between libraries
  • Fixed saving of PDFs on some ScienceDirect pages
  • Follow automatic tags prefs when retrieving PDF metadata by ISBN
  • [Windows] Show clearer error when Word Startup folder is set incorrectly within Program Files

Changes in 5.0.92 (October 15, 2020)

  • Fixed “Unknown” PDF indexing status on Windows (since 5.0.91)
  • Fixed error when importing from Mendeley (since 5.0.91)
  • Fixed issues with the updated webpage snapshot functionality in 5.0.91 on certain sites
    • Additional fixes will be available in Zotero Connector 5.0.75 within a few days
  • Fixed potential sync error (“Parent item cannot be a note or attachment”)
  • Fixed “Web Page” showing by mistake in New Item menu for new databases
  • Don't try to install LibreOffice plugin into OpenOffice

Changes in 5.0.91 (October 9, 2020)

  • Improved webpage snapshots
    • Snapshots should now better reflect the final, static version of the page on complex websites, including on sites where snapshots were previously blank or broken
    • Snapshots made from the Zotero Connector now reflect changes made to the page by other browser extensions
    • Requires Zotero Connector 5.0.74 or later
    • See the beta announcement for more details
  • Fixed potential Find Available PDF failures on macOS (since 5.0.90)
  • Fixed a couple bugs where a creator row could be removed incorrectly during editing
  • Fixed a potential error dragging items to a library that hadn't been opened since starting Zotero
  • Apply APA-style subtitle capitalization to a dependent style if required by its parent style
  • Fixed opening of zotero://open-pdf links in PDF Expert
  • Fixed parsing of dates in form “YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm” without seconds
  • Fixed invalid HTML in note from Quick Copy
  • Limit warning dialog for corrupted login manager to once per minute
  • Log clearer error when 'storage' is a broken symlink

Changes in 5.0.90 (August 29, 2020)

Zotero for Mac only

  • Initial Big Sur compatibility
    • Note: There are still some minor visual issues when using Zotero with the Big Sur beta. See this thread for details.
  • Fixed citing in notes in Word (since 5.0.89)

Changes in 5.0.89 (July 22, 2020)

  • Restored detection of some instances of database corruption at Zotero startup (since 5.0.88)
  • Ignore leading commas in citation dialog search
  • Fixed error trying to update bibliography in word processor document when no citations are present
  • Fixed error updating Word document when using AutoMark and index entries are created within Zotero citations
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.4.11
  • Fixed detection of retractions for items with DOI in Extra field
  • Fixed unnecessary style updating at startup in timezones > UTC

Changes in 5.0.88 (June 15, 2020)

Functionality added or changed

  • Automatically disable Track Changes before updating citations in Word
  • Improved detection of corrupted database, with recovery instructions
  • Show warning when data directory is set to iCloud Drive, pCloud, or Box
  • HTTP proxy password saving
    • The proxy authentication dialog now includes a checkbox to remember the username and password
    • Set signon.autologin.proxy to true in the Config Editor to automatically use the saved password without prompting
  • Added “(APA)” and “(ASA)” to style list in Document Preferences to help avoid confusion between APA 6th and ASA 6th
  • Automatically hide field codes in Word if displayed when performing operations
  • Fixed document import when transferring a document from another word processor to a non-English version of LibreOffice
  • Clarified warnings about data removal when switching accounts
  • [Mac] Improved PDF-opening links in notes (zotero://open-pdf)
    • Support Adobe Acrobat, including page selection
    • Use configured .app even when multiple versions on the system
  • Strip HTML tags from titles when generating filenames
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.3.22

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed “Cannot edit item in read-only library” error when applying remote deletion of item in collection in read-only library
  • Fixed cross-library collection dragging from read-only library
  • Preserve cross-library and merged-item links when merging items (since 5.0.86)
  • Fixed a situation where bad data on the WebDAV server (possibly caused by a third-party client) could result in an endless syncing loop
  • Fixed a couple date-parsing bugs
    • Don't parse “01/01/08” as the year 8 (since 5.0.81)
    • Show “m” instead of “m y” for just a number ⇐12

Developer-specific changes/fixes

  • Close window on Cmd/Ctrl-W in Translator Editor, Style Editor, and Run JavaScript windows
  • Fixed handling of defer: true when running tests in Translator Editor
  • Reduced defer delay from 20 seconds to 5 in Translator Editor

Changes in 5.0.87 (May 12, 2020)

  • Fixed “Creator names cannot be empty” upgrade error for certain values in item Extra fields (e.g., {:author: })
  • Fixed oversized collection/search icons when editing a saved search on high-resolution screens
  • In rare cases, if a database query failed, params.join is not a function could be shown instead of a proper error message

Changes in 5.0.86 (May 9, 2020)

  • Sped up large imports
  • Restored the ability (from Zotero 4.0) to hold down a modifier key while dragging one or more items to the tag selector to remove tags
    • Cmd-drag on macOS, Shift-drag on Windows/Linux
  • Improved detection of invalid/dangerous data directory configurations
    • Warn when the data directory is in Google Drive or OneDrive (in addition to Dropbox)
    • Don't allow the Linked Attachment Base Directory to be set within the data directory
    • Don't allow the data directory to be set to 'storage' or the Linked Attachment Base Directory
  • Fixed a condition where local item changes wouldn't be uploaded until the next item edit after non-conflicting changes were merged
  • Fixed a crash when opening the tag selector by dragging up if closed at startup
  • Fixed tag selector not showing child item tags in “Title, Creator, Year” mode (since 5.0.83)
  • Fixed a problem where actions depending on styles or translators could fail if an update server was unavailable at startup
  • Fixed Shift-Tab to move to previous field in Title and Extra fields
  • Removed several redundant lines in Extra on RDF import (e.g., “Reporter”)
  • Fixed a condition where all items list columns could become enabled
  • Fixed item selection from timeline
  • Don't copy cross-library links when duplicating an item
    • Previously, if you duplicated an item, modified it to represent a different source, and dragged it to another library where you had already copied the original item, the new item wouldn't be transferred.
  • Don't allow Add Item by Identifier to create an item in a feed view
    • Also fixed a sync error that could occur if an item created by identifier in a feed was dragged to a collection
  • [Mac] Fixed 'false' filename after case-only rename
  • Show an error if an attachment file couldn't be manually renamed
  • Fixed “zoteroField[1] is undefined” error generating bibliography if a line in Extra started with a single letter followed by a colon
  • Fixed sync error “Invalid data error for collection [key] in [library]: Unknown collection property 'dateAdded'”
  • Fixed oversized collection/search icons in Advanced Search window on high-resolution screens
  • Disabled click effects on disabled toolbar buttons in read-only views
  • [Linux] Fixed problems with preferences window in tiling window managers
  • Fixed Edit → Preferences not appearing in Breton and Gallego locales

Changes in 5.0.85 (March 24, 2020)

  • [Mac] Fixed potential “Word could not communicate with Zotero” error
    • If Zotero was started the first time from a disk image rather than from Applications, the word processor plugins would be installed in a way that would prevent them from working later.
  • Download remotely updated files in “as needed” file sync mode
    • Previously, files updated remotely wouldn't be downloaded in “as needed” mode if a copy of the file already existed locally, and they could only be re-downloaded by deleting the file via Show File. This change causes remotely modified files that exist locally to be downloaded at sync time, even in “as needed” mode.
    • Files modified remotely before this change won't be downloaded at sync time in “as needed” mode, but they'll now be re-downloaded on open.
  • Full-text indexing improvements
    • When using full-text content syncing, “Rebuild Index…” → “Index Unindexed Items” can now be used to force immediate processing of downloaded content
    • Fixed “Unknown” full-text status when an item is reindexed remotely and the content matches the local content
  • Allow saved searches to be edited or deleted even if they can't be loaded
  • Fixed OPML feed import (since 5.0.78)
  • Use Zotero fields (and not just CSL fields) entered in Extra when generating citations
  • When checking database integrity, detect and fix a condition that can cause some collections not to be displayed
  • Fixed a potential hang when showing the collections containing an item
  • Don't open a second copy of Zotero if the Zotero beta is running and a word processor plugin button is clicked while a plugin dialog is open
  • Fixed the “Create Bibliography from Items” locale being used for Quick Copy if the Quick Copy locale was never changed from the default
  • Parse a tab-delimited creator when only a single line is pasted

Changes in 5.0.84 (February 27, 2020)

  • Fixed sorting by Creator column for items with no authors and multiple editors (since 5.0.83)

Changes in 5.0.83 (February 24, 2020)

  • When saving, save fields not valid for the item type to Extra
  • Fixed sorting by editor in Creator column in new installations (since 5.0.78)
  • [Mac] Fixed some cases of word processor integration not loading at startup, resulting in “Word could not communicate with Zotero” errors
  • Fixed locator strings (e.g., “p123”) not working when editing a citation
  • Improved PDF retrieval for publishers that use cookies for IP-based authentication (e.g., Nature)
  • [Windows] Fixed missing bottom border of toolbar (since 5.0.78)
  • [Windows] Fixed zotero://open-pdf links when no handler is set in registry
  • Fixed drop-downs in timeline (since 5.0.78)
  • Fixed cases of “Too many sync requests” sync error
  • Sped up “Title, Creator, Year” search performance
  • Fixed some drag and drop issues in the citation dialog
  • Fixed crash when loading a saved search with certain invalid search conditions
  • Added “English (Canada)” to Language menu with support for ISO dates (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Fixed crash loading empty My Publications in Norwegian Bokmål locale

Changes in 5.0.82 (January 21, 2020)

  • Page number entry improvements in citation dialog
    • It's now possible to type page numbers with or without “p” before or after making a selection.
    • For the first citation, you can search by number alone. After making a selection, if you want to search for an additional citation by number, press the spacebar first, which will lock the previously entered selection and prevent a number alone from turning into a page number. Clicking on a bubble and entering a page number in the popup also locks the citation.
    • If you add an additional citation in the same dialog and it's sorted earlier in the list, typing a page number will now properly apply to that citation rather than to the right-most citation.
    • You can move between citations with the left/right arrow keys and use “p123” (the “p” is required in this case) to add or overwrite the locator for the citation to the left of the cursor.
  • Fixed cursor positioning around citation bubbles (since 5.0.78)
  • Added Norwegian Bokmål locale

Changes in 5.0.81 (January 7, 2020)

  • Fixed display of editors in Creator column in new databases (since 5.0.78)
  • Fixed autocomplete in Advanced Search window (since 5.0.78)
  • Fixed repeating of autocompleted tags (since 5.0.78)
  • Increased autocomplete results to 50 entries (up from 25 in 5.0.80)
  • Citation dialog fixes
    • Added ability to search by number
    • Fixed UI issues with bubbles (since 5.0.78)
    • Fixed page number entry in main text field after making selection (since 5.0.78)
    • Allow “p123” in addition to “:123” and “p.123” when specifying page number
  • Adjusted URL launching behavior
    • Removed URL scheme whitelist for linked-URL attachments
    • Some URLs were loading via the internal viewer rather than being blocked or launched externally
    • Only show cursor feedback on URL label if URL can be opened
  • Don't send cookies with WebDAV requests to avoid 503 error from Nextcloud servers (since 5.0.78)
  • Restored 'yesterday'/'today'/'tomorrow' parsing for Accessed field and dates in search conditions (since 5.0.78)
  • Fixed CSL 0.8 style import (since 5.0.78)
  • Fixed parsing of pre-1000 years
    • If a leading zero (e.g., '068'), parse as actual year instead of 19xx/20xx
  • Fixed text links in About pane and preferences (since 5.0.78)
  • Fixed hiding of password in WebDAV error messages and debug output (since 5.0.78)
  • Fixed invalid RTF wrapper output when generating a bibliography using the BibTeX CSL style
  • Fixed the “Report Errors…” button in some error dialogs

Changes in 5.0.80 (December 3, 2019)

  • Fixed “Invalid field” startup error after upgrading directly from Zotero 4 (2017 or earlier) to Zotero 5.0.78-79
  • Fixed performance problems with autocomplete in item tags box in large libraries (since 5.0.78)
  • Restored checkmarks in Sync → “Choose Libraries…” window on Windows/Linux (since 5.0.78) and made checked/unchecked state clearer on all platforms

Changes in 5.0.79 (December 2, 2019)

  • Fixed database upgrade error for some databases (since 5.0.78)

Changes in 5.0.78 (December 1, 2019)

Note: Zotero 5.0.78 includes many internal changes, and some plugins have not yet been updated for compatibility. The most common plugins (ZotFile, Better BibTeX, Zutilo) have been updated.

Functionality added or changed

  • Moved “Manage Attachments” menu from File menu to Tools menu
  • Added extensions.zotero.reopenPanesOnRestart hidden pref to disable automatic reopening of collection and item panes
  • Certificate override files can now be generated with current versions of Firefox (cert8.db → cert9.db)

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed automatic locale detection on macOS
  • Fixed “spec is undefined” message after WebDAV verification failure
  • Fixed potential out-of-memory error during syncing

Changes in 5.0.77 (October 31, 2019)

Functionality added or changed

  • Pressing 0 on the keyboard now clears all colored tags from selected items
  • More helpful file-not-found dialog
  • Restored reopening of closed collection and item panes on startup (removed in 5.0.75)
  • [Mac] Improved readability of text on Retina displays in macOS Catalina
  • Allow “Type:” in addition to “type:” for CSL type override in Extra field

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed Collection Pane and Item Pane toggles in View → Layout
  • Fixed number key assignment of colored tags without any items
  • Fixed “err is undefined” error message for a rare WebDAV server error

Changes in 5.0.76 (October 14, 2019)

  • Fixed timeout errors during syncing (since 5.0.75)
  • Fixed “c1 is undefined” sync error

Changes in 5.0.75 (October 8, 2019)

Functionality added or changed

  • Added View menu
    • Includes user interface options previously in preferences, toggles for various panes, and a new “Display Items from Subcollections” option (previously available via the recursiveCollections hidden pref)
  • Added “Convert Linked Files to Stored Files…” menu option
    • Available via File → Manage Attachments
  • [Mac] Improved readability of small text on non-Retina displays in macOS Catalina

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed broken tag selector when colored tags contain leading/trailing whitespace
  • Fixed tag selection in read-only libraries
  • Fixed potential “getNote() can only be called on notes and attachments” error during conflict resolution
  • Fixed potential “attachmentSyncedModificationTime must be a number” sync error

Changes in 5.0.74 (August 21, 2019)

  • Fixed access date being parsed as previous year in some time zones on Windows 10 version 1903
  • When transferring a document between word processors, modified citations were left as code
    • For now, modified citations will be silently reset on transfer. We hope to preserve modified citations in a future version.
  • Fixed potential file sync error when using eCryptfs on Linux
  • Translator Editor improvements
    • Update UI based on Zotero UI font size pref
    • Load translator on double-click in translator list
    • Support Cmd/Ctrl-= for zooming in code editor in addition to Cmd/Ctrl-+

Changes in 5.0.73 (August 5, 2019)

Functionality added or changed

  • Added “begins with” operator to field search conditions
  • Added Developer menu to Tools menu

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed corrupted em dashes in titles with subtitles in APA style
  • Revert incorrect subtitle capitalization for American Medical Association style (since 5.0.70)
  • Fixed incorrect top padding in tag selector if first tag was truncated
  • Fixed item tree crash when pressing Cmd + Left-Arrow with all parent items and a child item selected in a view
  • Fixed zotero://select search selection
  • Fixed server error for local HTTP requests if User-Agent wasn't set (e.g., from Pandoc)

Changes in 5.0.72 (July 23, 2019)

Functionality added or changed

  • Move documents with Zotero citations between Google Docs, Word, and LibreOffice (blog post)
  • When transforming case of Title field, transform case of Short Title field as well
  • Removed intermediate “Transform Text” submenu in Title context menu; sentence/title case options now appear directly in the context menu
  • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.2.18

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed potential startup error
  • Fixed inability to remove uncited bibliography entries
  • Don't use casing from Short Title field for portion of title before colon in APA style (since 5.0.67)

Changes in 5.0.71 (July 17, 2019)

  • Fixed possible error generating bibliographies in LibreOffice (“3 is read-only”)
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.2.17
  • [Security] Additional protections to prevent visited webpages from triggering actions in Zotero plugins

Changes in 5.0.70 (July 12, 2019)

Functionality added or changed

  • Added ability to hide retraction warnings for items that have been retracted and replaced by the publisher
    • Some publishers incorrectly reuse the original DOI/PID when replacing an item, so Zotero can't reliably detect whether a replaced item represents the final version
  • When citing a retracted item, selecting “Don’t warn me about this item again” will now hide all future warnings in any document instead of just the current document
  • Apply subtitle capitalization to American Medical Association and Academy of Management styles
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.2.13

Bugs fixed

  • [Security] Fixed an issue in which a visited webpage could add an item to Zotero without confirmation
  • Fixed missing hanging indent in HTML output (since 5.0.57)
  • Fixed incorrect prompt to add URL prefix when adding links in notes (since 5.0.67)
  • Fixed error when using a custom citation style with an id ending in a slash
  • Fixed footnotes styles in RTF Scan
  • Fixed updating of the styles page in the RTF Scan dialog

Changes in 5.0.69 (June 25, 2019)

  • Word processor integration fixes for Word for Mac and LibreOffice
  • After quota error, stop trying to upload files until next manual sync or restart
  • Fixed a couple issues related to related item detection

Changes in 5.0.68 (June 20, 2019)

  • Various fixes for retracted item detection
  • Fixed updating of Next button in RTF Scan window

Changes in (June 15, 2019)

  • Fixed errors citing in Word 2011 (since 5.0.67)

Changes in 5.0.67 (June 14, 2019)

Functionality added or changed

  • Retracted item notifications with Retraction Watch integration
  • Additional performance improvements in large documents when “Automatically update citations” is disabled
  • Automatically capitalize subtitle for APA styles
  • Tag selector: Show truncated tags in tooltip on hover
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.2.2
  • Reopen collapsed collections pane on restart
  • Don't encode most characters in DOIs when opening/copying as link
  • Added British English and Breton locales
  • zotero://select improvements (details)

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed potential “Cannot edit item in read-only library” error during sync
  • Fixed newlines being lost when copying from notes
  • Fixed gray tag selector background color on Linux/Windows
  • Don't convert automatic tags to manual when merging items
  • Fixed display of some word processor integration errors
  • Revert to single-line mode after closing Add Item by Identifier panel
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some local changes not to be uploaded immediately after automatic conflict resolution
  • Fixed error copying attachment with invalid path to another library
  • Fixed display of File Not Found dialog trying to open an attachment without a valid path
  • Fixed erroneous sync conflict if creators are changed in the same way
  • Fixed “too many SQL variables” error deleting collection with >1,000 items
  • Don't prompt to add http:// prefix to anchor links in notes
  • Run JavaScript window: Fixed stuck result pane after error

Changes in 5.0.66 (April 11, 2019)

Functionality added or changed

  • Improved tag selector performance in libraries with many tags
  • Keep earliest Date Added when merging items
  • Link to troubleshooting instructions if unable to update a word processor document
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.236

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed error updating word processor documents in some situations
  • Fixed various minor UI issues in tag selector
  • Export CSL JSON with title-short instead of shortTitle

Changes in 5.0.65 (March 27, 2019)

  • When metadata was successfully retrieved for a linked PDF, the file was renamed regardless of the “Rename linked files” preference introduced in 5.0.61
  • Fixed UI breakage after performing certain actions if the tag selector was closed at startup (since 5.0.64)
  • Fixed UI breakage when typing certain characters in the tag selector search bar (since 5.0.61)
  • In some time zones, date-only access dates could be off by one day in bibliographies (since 5.0.61)
  • Improved citing of podcast items

Changes in 5.0.64 (March 18, 2019)

  • Fixed performance issues in libraries with many tags (since 5.0.61)
  • Fixed error switching creator modes while a creator field was open
  • Fixed creator being overwritten when using Move to Top/Move Up/Move Down while a creator field was open

Changes in 5.0.63 (March 15, 2019)

  • Fixed performance issues in libraries with many tags (since 5.0.61)

Changes in 5.0.62 (March 12, 2019)

  • Fixed high CPU usage during file syncing when in a view with many tags (since 5.0.61)

Changes in 5.0.61 (March 9, 2019)

Functionality added or changed

  • Added import option to choose between storing and linking files
  • Added “Rename linked files” preference for file auto-renaming
  • Added “Run JavaScript” window
    • Advanced option for running arbitrary JavaScript, for batch editing or other purposes
    • Hidden by default; to enable, go to the Config Editor in the Advanced pane of the preferences and set devtools.chrome.enabled to true, and then restart Zotero. A “Run JavaScript” option will appear in the Tools menu.
  • Added PDF icon for linked-file PDFs
  • Single-word “Attachment Content” searches are now much faster
  • Added “Move to Top” option in creator type menu
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.215
  • Disallow starting from Mac disk image
  • Allow selecting multiple items with zotero://select links

Bugs fixed

  • Don't try to load linked URLs during import (since 5.0.60)
  • Fixed incorrect search results for ANY search with multiple “Attachment Content” conditions and no other conditions
  • Fixed export failure due to invalid attachment paths
  • Fixed potential sync error resulting in foreign key constraint error
  • Use correct time-zone offset for access dates in bibliographies

Changes in 5.0.60 (January 10, 2019)

  • Fixed automatic installation of Word plugin on some Windows systems
  • Fixed web link attachments not being saved to groups that don't allow files
  • Fixed moving item via the connector save popup from a library that doesn't allow files to one that does
  • Fixed adding new advanced search row with a field from the “More…” submenu selected (since 5.0.59)
  • Print note highlight colors in reports
  • Don't accept keyboard input between clicking “New Collection…” and showing collection name prompt

Changes in 5.0.59 (December 18, 2018)

Functionality added or changed

  • Support duplicating saved searches
  • Automatically remove “: a novel” from imported book titles
  • Default to previous condition when creating a new advanced search row
  • Improved downloading of PDFs from some sites for Find Available PDF

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed potential crash when making certain changes in notes
  • Fixed autocomplete for tags beginning with _ or %
  • Mac Word permissions instructions incorrectly referred to Terminal instead of Zotero
  • Non-translator webpage snapshots didn't reflect current state (e.g., login state) of page
  • Fixed error if an advanced search points to a nonexistent collection with “Search subcollections” enabled
  • Don't return results if an advanced search points to a nonexistent parent search

Changes in 5.0.58 (November 12, 2018)

  • Fixed some installed citation styles not appearing in document preferences window on some displays
  • Show message on Mac Word 2011/Mojave permissions failure recommending upgrading to latest Word 2011 version
  • Restore compatibility with old CSL 0.8 styles

Changes in 5.0.57 (October 24, 2018)

  • Show better messages for Word permissions errors in maOS Mojave
  • Don't add four spaces when pressing Tab to indent list in note
  • Add zotero://select support for collections
  • Fixed error when adding empty tag via Connector save popup
  • Show “Find Available PDFs” even if notes or attachments are included in selection
  • Fixed 'req is undefined' error after consecutive S3 failures
  • Fixed note being read-only after viewing note in trash
  • Fixed popup when no items are eligible for “Find Available PDFs”
  • Fixed imports with missing attachments not closing the progress window

Changes in 5.0.56 (October 9, 2018)

  • Don't show progress window when retrieving metadata for a single PDF
  • Fixed blank snapshots when saving from Twitter
  • Fixed hang in open/save dialogs on macOS Mojave
  • Show warning if Zotero is started from a Mac disk image
    • Doing so can cause the Word for Mac extension not to load
  • Trigger downloading and opening of linked files evicted from iCloud Drive
  • Added support for marginnoteapp:// links
  • Don't include “Zotero” in User-Agent sent to non-Zotero sites
  • Ensure that the document preferences window is smaller than the screen height
  • Show an error message if translators or styles fail to load
  • Don't show “You must insert a citation to perform this operation.” window when inserting a citation into a document with citations copied from another document
  • Fixed potential import error from Mendeley
  • Reduced memory usage when copying large numbers of items across libraries
  • Reduced memory usage when clearing full-text index
  • Vacuum database automatically after clearing full-text index

Changes in (September 26, 2018)

Zotero for Mac only

  • macOS 10.14 Mojave compatibility

Changes in 5.0.55 (August 15, 2018)

  • Show clearer error messages for connection and security certificate errors
  • Fixed error backing up database
  • Fixed error using a word processor document with a missing citation style
  • Fixed a bug that could cause group permissions not to sync
  • Fixed possible restart error with invalid Quick Copy setting
  • Fixed two journal abbreviations
  • Fixed large icon in Edit Bibliography dialog on high-res displays
  • Don't percent-encode periods in usernames in WebDAV requests

Changes in 5.0.54 (July 23, 2018)

  • Fixed a bug that caused local group files to not be deleted when leaving or deleting a group
    • Orphaned group files will be automatically deleted in an upcoming version
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Reduced memory consumption when updating documents with large bibliographies
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.210
  • Item field changes weren't saved when clicking directly from an open field to the creator delete button or the creator type menu

Changes in 5.0.53 (July 7, 2018)

  • Fixed modified citations in word processor documents being updated even after user asked for them not to be
  • Mendeley import fixes
    • Certain top-level folders could be skipped
    • Fixed error when importing items containing empty tags
    • Detect Mendeley data directory using older location
  • Fixed error with nested saved searches containing Attachment Content conditions
  • Import base-directory-relative linked files via Zotero RDF
    • Relative paths are included in export when “Export files” is unchecked
  • Added support for bear:// protocol for link attachments

Changes in 5.0.52 (June 20, 2018)

  • Fixed hang during import if an attached file is invalid
  • Speed up indexing of attached HTML files during import
  • Fixed display of corrupted-database error message

Changes in 5.0.51 (June 16, 2018)

  • Fixed a bug that could result in duplicated files when importing Mendeley libraries
    • Previously imported files will be cleaned up automatically
    • The duplicated files were not synced if using file syncing

Changes in 5.0.50 (June 14, 2018)

  • Reduced memory usage when importing large Mendeley libraries
  • Fixed an issue that could cause excessive sync attempts after another error occurred

Changes in 5.0.49 (June 12, 2018)

  • Added “Place imported collections and items into new collection” import option
    • When selected, imported collections are added to the library root
  • Adjusted note header sizing/styling

Changes in 5.0.48 (June 5, 2018)

  • Added zotero://open-pdf handler to open PDF at a given page (details)
  • Fixed tag saving for intercepted RIS/BibTeX files from connector
  • Stricter extraction of PMIDs in Add Item by Identifier
  • Word processor plugin fixes
    • Fixed handling of corrupted bibliographies
    • Fixed display of some error messages
    • Fixed an error running Refresh after reinstalling a style
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.206

Changes in 5.0.47 (May 2, 2018)

  • Fixed “A maximum of 16 undo records can be active simultaneously” error in word processor plugin

Changes in 5.0.46 (April 30, 2018)

  • Google Docs integration support (experimental; requires beta Zotero Connector)
  • arXiv ID support in Add Item by Identifier
  • Better metadata recognition for arXiv PDFs
  • Automatically switch to My Library when attempting to save to a read-only library from the connector
  • Fixed syncing of changes to existing saved searches
  • A search for “1” would incorrectly match all notes
  • Improved saving of webpage snapshots from sites with strict browser sniffing
  • Allow a description to be added when reporting incorrect PDF metadata

Changes in 5.0.45 (April 16, 2018)

  • Items in local trash weren't restored to library on sync when restored elsewhere
  • Items in My Publications weren't removed on sync when removed elsewhere
  • Fixed sync error if a collection was deleted locally and an item in that collection was modified elsewhere
  • Don't focus previous creator row when choosing autocompleted creator
  • Show “Export Collection…” in empty collection if there are items in subcollections
  • Don't refresh citations on close of document preferences window when automatic citation updates are disabled
  • Prevent an open progress window from blocking shutdown
  • Fixed a potential error when merging items that were previously copied to another library
  • When merging more than two items and then refreshing a document that referenced them, only one of the removed citations was updated to point to the final item
  • Restore proper error message on incompatible database version
  • Allow screen readers to read item field label when editing a field

Changes in 5.0.44 (April 6, 2018)

  • Avoid unnecessary updates when inserting citations via the word processor plugin
  • [LibreOffice] Fixed bibliography style being applied to following paragraph on Windows
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.201
  • Additional fixes to support Zotero Connector target selector beta

Changes in 5.0.43 (April 3, 2018)

Functionality added or changed

  • Support for choosing the save destination from the Zotero Connector (requires the Zotero Connector beta; details)
  • When creating a secondary profile, automatically create a new data directory named after the profile
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.199

Bugs fixed

  • When retrieving metadata for some PDFs in group libraries, the parent item was saved to My Library instead of the group
  • [macOS] Fixed failure saving webpage snapshots when main window is closed
  • Fixed Daylight Saving Time–related display bug in Accessed and several other date fields
  • Fixed crash when switching item types if an item field that was invalid for the new type was being edited

Changes in 5.0.42 (March 30, 2018)

  • Fixed potential error in word processor plugin when handling citations copied from another document
  • Fixed low-res tag color swatches for several item types on HiDPI displays

Changes in 5.0.41 (March 27, 2018)

  • Fixed potential upgrade error in databases previously migrated from another user account (since 5.0.39)
  • Fixed “Empty path for item” file sync error

Changes in 5.0.40 (March 27, 2018)

  • Fixed “citation is undefined” error in older word processor versions (since 5.0.39)

Changes in 5.0.39 (March 27, 2018)

  • Fixed “citationByIndex[i].sortedItems is undefined” error from word processor plugin
  • Create automatic (not manual) tags when retrieving PDF metadata by ISBN
  • Fixed sync error caused by username change in Zotero 4.0
  • Fixed item URLs not unproxifying when saving from the connector
  • Restored “maximum pages to index” setting in Search preferences
  • Use high-res icons in Related Items tab

Changes in 5.0.38 (March 21, 2018)

  • Word processor plugin changes
    • Fixed “[(j-1)].sorteditems.slice(…)[0] is undefined” error
    • Changes to slow-citation-updates prompt
      • The prompt could be displayed unnecessarily if another alert dialog was displayed first
      • Increased prompt timeout from 3 seconds to 15 seconds; to avoid user confusion, disabling updates will primarily be done manually in the document preferences
      • Clarified location of Refresh button in message
    • Show original and modified citation in edited-citation warning
    • Avoid unnecessary text writes on document refresh
  • Use additional DOI providers for PDF metadata retrieval
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.193
  • Use high-res icons when DPI is 120 or above (previously 144)
  • Other minor fixes

Changes in 5.0.37 (March 11, 2018)

  • Fixed saving of keywords and subject headings as tags (since 5.0.36)
  • Fixed note display in read-only libraries and classic Add/Edit Citation dialog (since 5.0.36)
  • Select newly created items when importing RIS/BibTeX from the Zotero Connector

Changes in 5.0.36 (March 9, 2018)

Functionality added or changed

See the 5.0.36 blog post for more details.

  • Improved PDF metadata retrieval
    • PDFs are now recognized using a Zotero-designed web service that doesn't rely on Google Scholar, allowing large numbers of PDFs to be recognized without rate limits. No data about the content or results of searches is logged by the service.
    • Zotero now automatically attempts to retrieve metadata for PDFs as they're added (configurable in the preferences).
  • Deferred citation updates
    • When using the word processor plugin in a large document, disabling “Automatic Citation Updates” in the document preferences will prevent Zotero from updating citations and the bibliography to reflect new citation inserts. This can dramatically speed up plugin usage in large documents. Use the “Refresh” button to manually update citations before submitting the document.
    • If inserting a citation takes longer than three seconds, Zotero will prompt to disable citation updates.
  • Custom PDF viewer setting
    • Zotero can now open PDFs using a different PDF viewer from the system default.
  • Expanded automatic PDF renaming
    • Zotero now automatically renames PDFs based on the parent metadata when adding a stored or linked file attachment to an item, as well as after Retrieve Metadata for PDF is performed.
    • Can be disabled from the General pane of the preferences
  • Bundled PDF tools
    • It's no longer necessary to install the PDF tools separately after installing Zotero.
    • The PDF tools now run from Zotero's application directory rather than the data directory, which improves compatibility with some institutional system policies.
  • Various UI improvements on Windows
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.190
  • Improved attachment saving from some gated sites
  • New tag colors
  • Additional high-resolution item type icons
  • Display more helpful error messages when fields are too long to sync
  • Added button to re-enable word processor plugins in the Cite preferences if disabled
  • Show full URL in tooltip when hovering over attachment URL
  • Other smaller improvements and fixes

Bugs fixed

  • Prevent Undo from clearing existing notes
  • Reduced idle CPU usage to ~0%
  • Improved stability of attachment indexing when other operations are in progress
  • Fixed font size scaling of tag selector on macOS
  • Improved handling of file permissions changes in group libraries
  • If multiple note windows were open, double-clicking a note could focus wrong note
  • Don't show Reindex button in item pane for attachments that aren't PDFs or text files

Changes in (February 12, 2018)

  • Fixed bug in LibreOffice plugin that caused extra newline to be added to footnotes

Changes in 5.0.35 (February 11, 2018)

Functionality added or changed

  • Added workaround for broken WebDAV sync with Box caused by invalid HTTP responses from Box servers (more info)
  • Reduce minimum width of Zotero pane
  • Allow dragging parent items to collection even if child items are selected
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.183
  • Don't allow hiding of Title in items list column picker

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed various errors that could occur after long operations (e.g., indexing a large PDF)
  • Fixed detection of WebDAV settings changes when clicking Verify Server
  • Fixed startup hang due to invalid note entry
  • Fixed import/export hangs due to corrupted database
  • Prompt to reset local group files on loss of file editing privileges
  • Restored missing search spinner

Changes in (February 3, 2018)

Zotero for Mac only

  • Fixed error inserting citation into footnote with existing text in Word 16.9.1

Changes in (February 3, 2018)

  • Support plugin installation in LibreOffice 6
  • Fixed rich-text formatting in citations in LibreOffice (since 5.0.26)

Changes in (January 22, 2018)

Zotero for Mac only

  • Fixed flashing while updating citations in footnotes in Word 2016 for Mac version 16

Changes in (January 22, 2018)

Zotero for Mac only

  • Fixed editing citations in footnotes in Word 2016 for Mac version 16

Changes in (January 19, 2018)

Zotero for Mac only

  • Adds support for Word 2016 for Mac version 16

Changes in (January 19, 2018)

Zotero for Mac only

  • Added warning regarding Word 2016 for Mac version 16 compatibility

Changes in 5.0.34 (January 11, 2018)

Functionality added or changed

  • The Word for Windows plugin is now digitally signed
    • This allows the plugin to be used at institutions that restrict the use of Office macros to known publishers.
  • Automatically rename dragged file attachments from parent metadata
  • Allow “now” in Accessed field to enter current time
  • Added “Publication” to top level of condition drop-down in Advanced Search window

Bugs fixed

  • Deleting a tag from the tag selector caused the tag to be deleted from all libraries
  • Undo in notes could restore changes from another note
  • Fixed inconsistent search results from word processor plugin in larger databases
  • Fixed issue where items list could disappear until restart when switching collections
  • When clicking away from a changed field in the item pane, the newly clicked field would close immediately
  • When editing a field on a newly created parent item, the opened field would close on auto-sync
  • “Unsupported predicate 'dc:isReplacedBy'” sync error

Changes in 5.0.33 (December 19, 2017)

  • Fixed display of toolbar in Word 2011 for Mac (since 5.0.31)
  • Fixed some UI issues with storage settings in Sync preferences

Changes in 5.0.32 (December 16, 2017)

  • Restore code signature (since 5.0.31)

Changes in 5.0.31 (December 15, 2017)

Note: Due to a packaging error, Zotero 5.0.31 did not include a code signature.

  • Reintroduced “Restore to Online Library” functionality
    • Allows efficiently overwriting an online library with data from a local library
    • Only necessary when restoring from a local database backup or overwriting changes in the online library made on another computer that haven't yet synced to the local computer
    • See Sync Reset Options for more information
  • Don't show note in right-hand pane when editing in separate window
    • Notes now display in only one location at a time, fixing a bug where the two notes could get out of sync and lose recent content
  • Fixed cursor resetting when typing in attachment note
  • Fixed auto-focusing of note in separate editing window
  • Avoid unnecessary sync upload attempts in some situations
  • Select text in search bar when using Edit → Find or shortcut key
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.182
  • Link URLs and DOIs in HTML bibliographies
  • Fixed context-menu paste into Add Item by Identifier popup
  • Disable “Check Database Integrity” button while running
  • Show file path instead of “(null)” when installing style by launching a CSL file

Changes in 5.0.30 (December 3, 2017)

  • [Windows] Fixed “Access is denied” sync error with read-only files
  • [Windows] Clear read-only attribute when storing file
  • Fixed potential sync error after resetting read-only group
  • Show proper warning when trying to sync an attachment note containing embedded images
  • Don't show warning about Firefox profile access if 'zotero' subdirectory doesn't contain a Zotero database
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.181
  • Fixed error saving from feed items when primary translator fails
  • Fixed sorting of creator types in non-English languages

Changes in 5.0.29 (November 28, 2017)

  • Fixed various issues in items list after editing items, including lost cursor position or text when editing a note
  • Fixed styling of LibreOffice footnotes (since 5.0.28)
  • Fixed extra auto-sync after uploading data

Changes in 5.0.28 (November 22, 2017)

  • Warn on duplicate Zotero for Firefox data directory immediately after 5.0 upgrade instead of on first restart
    • If separate databases exist for Zotero Standalone 4.0 and Zotero 4.0 for Firefox, Zotero 5.0 automatically uses the more recent database, which may not be the desired directory if Zotero for Firefox has the primary database but Zotero Standalone 4.0 is opened before the upgrade to Zotero 5.0. This dialog warns about that situation and allows switching to the Firefox database, but it previously didn't show until the next restart after a 5.0 upgrade.
  • Sped up LibreOffice citation inserts/edits
  • Fixed 'mimeType is undefined' sync error

Changes in 5.0.27 (November 17, 2017)

Changes in 5.0.26 (November 17, 2017)

  • Show warning on Firefox profile access error after installation
  • Don't ignore whitespace when sorting
    • This temporarily restores use of non-leading punctuation for sorting.
  • Fixed bug that caused database integrity check to miss some errors
  • Fixed 'fieldMode' cannot be 1 with 'firstName' property startup error
  • [Linux] Reduce spacing in collection pane

Changes in 5.0.25 (November 12, 2017)

Functionality added or changed

  • Add one-second delay before marking feed items as read
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.180

Bugs fixed

  • [Mac] Don't try to open second copy of Zotero when launching via Spotlight/etc. or opening RIS file
  • Fixed extremely slow startup with some databases
  • Fixed date parsing from Atom feeds
  • Fixed feed item read/unread toggle shortcut
  • Fixed “Rename File from Parent Metadata” for linked file if target filename exists
  • Fixed potential error accessing missing old attachments created on a Mac from other OSes

Changes in 5.0.24 (October 30, 2017)

Functionality added or changed

  • Updated toolbar buttons on macOS
  • Updated additional low-res icons for high-res displays

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed various conflict resolution bugs
    • Choosing the local side for a conflict could fail to keep the local version
  • Properly stop background full-text indexing when computer becomes non-idle
  • Fixed items list problems when adding item with a search entered
  • Fixed “item._changed.creators is undefined” startup error
  • Fixed potential error after switching to first note of session
  • Fixed skipped group sync when another group is archived
  • Fall back to English sorting if system locale can't be parsed
  • Enable “Set Up Syncing” button when pasting via context menu or using drag and drop

Changes in 5.0.23 (October 14, 2017)

  • Fixed drag-and-drop unreliability (since 5.0.22)
  • Fixed warning about missing data directory on first run
  • Fixed item selection that required switching to the library root
  • Fixed incorrect 'et al.' behavior in Word for Windows plugin
  • Fixed rebuilding of full-text index
  • Save note on forward-delete when text is selected
  • Fixed a potential sync error
  • Fixed username displayed in warning when syncing an existing library to a different account

Changes in 5.0.22 (October 2, 2017)

  • Fixed various UI refresh bugs
  • Fixed various bugs importing RIS/BibTeX from the Connector
  • Fixed sync error due to invalid item relations
  • Set related items correctly when duplicating items
  • Fixed relations import from translators
  • Adjust font size in Create Bibliography window

Changes in 5.0.21 (September 21, 2017)

  • Fixed editing in classic citation window
  • Fixed sync error after deleting local collection containing remotely modified item
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.178

Changes in 5.0.20 (September 20, 2017)

  • Fixed saved search deletion (since 5.0.19)
  • Close progress window on import error
  • Show better error for invalid security certificate during file sync

Changes in 5.0.19 (September 18, 2017)

  • Prevent further typing and require restart if an error occurs saving a note
  • Fixed error migrating from Zotero for Firefox due to corrupted Firefox preferences file
  • Fixed errors after using “Delete Collection and Items…”
  • Speed up emptying trash
  • Show better error message if data directory can't be created
  • Fixed startup error due to corrupted locate engine file
  • Fixed download of CrossRef locate engine icon

Changes in 5.0.18 (September 11, 2017)

  • Allow setting data directory via -datadir command-line flag
    • Pass an absolute path, or pass 'profile' to use a 'zotero' directory within the Zotero profile directory as in 4.0
    • Useful in situations where only the profile directory is writable by the user (e.g., an institutional roaming profile setup)
    • If Zotero is started without the command-line flag, it will revert to the previous location
  • Fixed intermittent item selection failure
  • Fixed restart error moving away from note that hadn't finished loading
  • Continue lookup process in Add Item by Identifier if an identifier isn't found
  • Fixed potential error relocating file with extended characters
  • Fixed potential error with full-text phrase search
  • Fixed “Create Bibliography” for saved searches
  • Fixed slow startup with many items in trash
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.177

Changes in 5.0.17 (August 22, 2017)

  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.175

Changes in 5.0.16 (August 19, 2017)

  • Provide option at startup to switch to a recently updated Zotero for Firefox data directory, in case it was orphaned during data directory migration before 5.0.15

Changes in 5.0.15 (August 19, 2017)

  • Fixed data directory migration from Firefox profile directory

Changes in 5.0.14 (August 19, 2017)

  • Fixed error recognizing metadata for some PDFs (since 5.0.12)
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.174

Changes in 5.0.13 (August 18, 2017)

  • Fixed handling of linked files when base directory is set to drive root

Changes in 5.0.12 (August 17, 2017)

Functionality added or changed

  • Restored Cut/Copy/Paste in note context menu

Bugs fixed

  • Show proper error messages for access-denied errors during file sync
  • Import intercepted RIS/BibTeX from connector into the selected collection
  • Fixed link opening in Add-ons pane
  • Fixed potential error updating citations
  • Fixed cleaning of passwords for some WebDAV errors from debug output

Changes in 5.0.11 (August 13, 2017)

Functionality added or changed

  • Download missing attachments as needed even in “at sync time” file sync mode
  • Show files remaining to download in sync button tooltip

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed first-run error with some upgrades
  • Fixed cases of files not being downloaded after interrupted syncs until files were changed remotely
  • Fixed handling of an error during Retrieve Metadata for PDF
  • [Mac] Fixed “Open in Library” from Quick Format popup if main window is closed

Changes in 5.0.10 (August 11, 2017)

  • Fixed opening of some links

Changes in 5.0.9 (August 10, 2017)

Functionality added or changed

  • When upgrading to 5.0 and a previous data directory is found for both Zotero Standalone and Zotero for Firefox, use the most recently opened directory
  • Show “Queued” for an attachment's full-text index status if synced full-text content is available but not yet processed

Bugs fixed

  • Faster shutdown speed when a file sync is in progress
  • Better handling of Unicode paths in WebDAV URL
  • Fixed opening of some links in the About window
  • Fixed a potential file sync error

Changes in 5.0.8 (August 5, 2017)

Functionality added or changed

  • Debug Output Logging improvements
    • A new menu under the Help menu allows for quickly generating and submitting debug output to Zotero developers
    • Debug output can now be displayed in real-time using the View Output option
  • [Mac] Allow Zotero window to be closed without quitting Zotero
    • Syncing, word processor integration, and saving from browsers will continue to work while the window is closed
  • Improve handling of data directory–related startup errors
    • If configured data directory is missing but data directory is found at default location (“Zotero” within the home directory), offer to use the default location instead
    • Provide better guidance when data directory is inaccessible
  • Update Quick Copy menu options based on current settings and URL
  • Don't include notes and attachments when generating bibliography via Quick Copy
  • Improve authenticated proxy detection at startup

Zotero Connector changes

  • The Zotero Connector for Firefox can now be used with more restrictive privacy/cookie settings

Bugs fixed

  • Trash didn't refresh properly when emptying deleted attachments
  • Auto-expand parent items to show search matches when viewing saved search
  • Fixed various problems when Zotero is started while Zotero is offline
  • Fixed external zotero:// links
  • Fixed various problems with Attachment Content search condition
  • Fixed crash switching from item Notes tab to feed item
  • Avoid unnecessary file access during full-text content syncing
  • Fixed “Copy as HTML” Quick Copy option (since 5.0.5)
  • Searching for “Presentation” attachment file type didn't find many PowerPoint files
  • Timeline fixes
    • Fixed error generating timeline with many items
    • Show item at beginning of month/year if date is incomplete
    • Fixed icons on high-res displays

Changes in 5.0.7 (July 24, 2017)

Functionality added or changed

  • User interface language switcher
    • Easily switch between supported languages from the Advanced pane of the preferences
    • Zotero will continue using the OS locale setting by default
  • Moved Style Editor and Style Preview to Cite preferences
  • Use HTTPS for Google Scholar lookup for Retrieve Metadata for PDF
  • Increased font size in word processor integration document preferences

Zotero Connector changes

These changes require version 5.0.11 of the Zotero Connector.

  • Follow the snapshot preference when saving webpage items to Zotero
  • Show a PDF icon for the save button when viewing a PDF

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed various issues related to data directory migration
  • Don't auto-sync groups that are deselected in “Libraries to Sync…”
  • [macOS] Fixed freezing in LibreOffice when attempting to display a dialog box
  • Fixed date handling for auto-detected locales
  • Fixed display of parent directory when locating missing file
  • Fixed rare issue with WebDAV syncing

Changes in 5.0.6 (July 20, 2017)

  • Fixed tag selector search (broken in 5.0.5)

Changes in 5.0.5 (July 20, 2017)

Functionality added or changed

  • Site-specific Quick Copy settings
    • Previously available only in Zotero for Firefox, now available in Zotero 5.0 for all browsers
    • Configurable in the Export pane of the Zotero preferences
    • Uses the URL of the last active tab in any browser running a Zotero Connector
  • Item tags box improvements
    • Improved performance when adding/removing tags
    • Added “Remove All Tags…” option to pane context menu to remove all tags from an item
  • Increased default window size to ~1000x600px
  • [Windows] Moved Tools → Options to Edit → Preferences
  • Restored Alignment menu with justification option in note editor context menu

Zotero Connector changes

These changes require version 5.0.10 or later of the Zotero Connector.

  • Restore proxy entries previously created in Zotero for Firefox
  • Show error message on save if collection selected in Zotero isn't editable

Bugs fixed

  • [Windows] Fixed tag selector font
  • Fixed ISBN lookup and PDF metadata retrieval for some ISBNs
  • Fixed excessive load during WebDAV syncing
  • Sort export translators in Quick Copy settings

Changes in 5.0.4 (July 14, 2017)

  • Fixed potential startup error
  • Fixed some collections-pane context-menu options (e.g., Sync)
  • [Mac] Closing Zotero in full-screen mode would leave window without title bar or toolbar
  • Prevent freeze when clicking on search with invalid Collection condition

Changes in 5.0.3 (July 13, 2017)

  • Fixed potential startup error
  • Fixed Windows menu key in items pane
  • Fixed selection issues in collections-pane context menu
  • Fixed blank window when opening ZotFile zotero://open-pdf links

Changes in 5.0.2 (July 12, 2017)

  • Fixed several sync errors
  • Fixed error removing files after unlinking account

Changes in 5.0.1 (July 11, 2017)

  • Fixed several sync errors
  • Fixed saving of reports

Changes in 5.0 (July 10, 2017)

Functionality added or changed

  • A Unified Zotero Experience
    • The two full versions of Zotero, Zotero for Firefox and Zotero Standalone, have been replaced by a single standalone application for users of all browsers. A new Zotero Connector for Firefox, similar to the extensions available for Chrome and Safari, allows you to save to the Zotero desktop application or zotero.org in a single click.
    • If you're a current Zotero for Firefox user, you'll be automatically upgraded to the Zotero Connector for Firefox, and you should install the Zotero application if you don't have it already.
    • See the announcement for more details on this change.
  • My Publications
    • Easily build a list of works — articles, papers, books, etc. — that you've created and share them on your profile page on zotero.org
    • Files can optionally be made publicly available to download under a license you specify
  • Feeds
    • Subscribe to RSS or Atom feeds — such as those made available by academic journals — from within Zotero
    • Browse new entries and add them to your Zotero libraries with a single click, with metadata and files automatically collected from the associated webpages
  • New syncing architecture
    • Selective library sync
      • Choose libraries to sync from the Sync pane of the preferences
      • Individual libraries can be synced on-demand via context menu
    • Independent syncing of libraries
      • Conflicts or other problems in one library no longer prevent other libraries from syncing
    • Improved handling of very large libraries
      • Data changes are now synced incrementally rather than in a single batch
    • Improved handling of sync conflicts
      • Many situations that previously resulted in conflicts are now automatically resolved without manual resolution
    • Immediate sync triggering on remote changes
    • Ability to interrupt syncing (previously only file syncing could be stopped)
    • Ability to unlink account and automatically remove local data
  • Improved UI responsiveness
    • Long operations (e.g. large syncs and imports) are now performed in the background, allowing Zotero to continue to be used
  • New stacked layout option for narrower screens
    • Moves item pane below items list
    • Configurable in the General pane of the preferences
  • Note editor improvements
    • Upgraded to TinyMCE 4 (4.5.2)
    • New flat theme
    • Search/replace within notes
    • URL autolinking
    • Increased default font size
    • New blockquote style
    • Support for non-English locales
  • Direct style installation
    • Styles can be installed from the Zotero Style Repository in a single click without leaving Zotero
  • Faster translator/style updating
    • If automatic update checking for translators and styles is enabled, Zotero will now receive updates — including site compatibility fixes — within a few minutes instead of 24 hours
  • New default data directory location
    • Files are now stored in a 'Zotero' directory in the user's home directory
    • A data directory in the previous default location within the Zotero or Firefox profile directory will be automatically moved to the new location
    • The new location allows PDFs and other files to be searched via Spotlight on macOS and restores the ability for PDFs to be annotated in-place via Preview on macOS Sierra
    • Future versions of Zotero will simplify the structure of the data directory for easier browsing from the filesystem
  • Added “Delete Automatic Tags in This Library…” option to tag selector menu
  • Allow file dragging to web targets (e.g., Gmail) and Linux filesystem
  • Advanced Search improvements
    • Simplified search condition drop-down in Advanced Search window
    • Saved searches now appear under “Collection” condition
  • Export character set selection changes
    • Show character set drop-down in export window by default
    • Show only “Unicode (UTF-8)”, “Unicode (UTF-8 without BOM)”, and “Western”
  • Added “Manage Styles…” links to Create Bibliography and Document Preferences windows
  • Automatically attempt to fetch citation style used in document if missing
    • If style is not from an official source, Zotero will prompt before fetching
  • The Actions (gear icon) menu has been removed from the toolbar, as all options are now available in menus
  • Resizing panes is now easier on macOS, with wider draggable areas for pane splitters
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.171
  • Many smaller improvements and fixes

Zotero Connector changes

A number of new Zotero Connector features require Zotero 5.0:

  • Proxy support (including support for hyphen-based EZproxy servers)
  • CSL style installation
  • RIS/BibTeX interception
  • Improved attachment saving

Bugs fixed

  • Preserve rich-text formatting when editing citations
  • Fixed report printing
  • Fixed hanging indent for references dragged to Google Docs
  • Prevent DNS rebinding attack against connector server
  • Fixed parsing of non-English months when using a non-English locale
  • Edit menu options are properly localized
  • Many more!

Older Changes

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