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For changes in Zotero 5.0 releases, see the 5.0 changelog.

Changes in (January 19, 2017)

Released for Windows only

  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.139
  • Fixed “More Info” link in upgrade prompt when updating to new major version

Changes in (November 2, 2016)

Released for Firefox only

  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.138

Changes in (October 3, 2016)

Released for Firefox and macOS only

  • Fixed dragging of attachments to the filesystem on macOS
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.136

Changes in (September 20, 2016)

Released for Firefox and macOS only

  • Fixed “Multiple Sources” mode in the classic Add Citation dialog (since
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.131

Changes in (September 19, 2016)

Released for Firefox and macOS only

Please note: Zotero Standalone for Mac now requires macOS 10.7 or later.

  • [Zotero Standalone] Fixed window dragging in macOS Sierra
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.130
  • Parse “DOI:”-prefixed DOI in Extra field
  • [Zotero for Firefox] Firefox 50 compatibility

Changes in (August 13, 2016)

Released for Firefox and macOS only

  • Firefox 48 compatibility (Zotero for Firefox)
  • Added “is less than”/“is greater than” to “# of Pages”/“# of Volumes” search conditions
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.113
  • Fixed hang if another key is pressed after Enter in Quick Format dialog
  • Maintain consistent item order when exporting to BibTeX and other formats
  • Support new site translators that require request headers (e.g., ORCID)

Changes in (May 8, 2016)

  • [Zotero for Firefox] Fixed CSL editor and RTF Scan in Firefox 46

Changes in (May 2, 2016) was released for Firefox only.

  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.101
  • Remove merged items from duplicates view without regenerating list

Changes in (April 17, 2016) was released for Firefox only.

  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Fixed style validation issues
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.98

Changes in (April 12, 2016) was released for Firefox only.

  • [Zotero for Firefox] Fixed loading of Edit Bibliography window in Firefox 45
  • Populate both creator fields when pressing Tab on an autocomplete selection
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.91
  • Fixed export of top-level note content and attachment content type
  • Fixed errors creating items in certain very large databases
  • Fixed too-large toolbar icons on HiDPI Linux
  • [Zotero for Firefox] Fixed proxy redirection in Firefox 46

Changes in (March 17, 2016) was released for Firefox only.

  • Fixed creator search of cited items in Quick Format dialog (since 4.0.29)
  • [Zotero for Firefox] Fixed display of selected color in tag color picker in Firefox 44 and later

Changes in (March 16, 2016) was released for Standalone only.

  • Fixed shift-drag to copy citations (since 4.0.29)

Changes in (March 11, 2016) was released for Firefox only.

  • Fixed shift-drag to copy citations (since 4.0.29)

Changes in (March 10, 2016) was released for Firefox only.

  • Fixed editing of Abstract and Extra fields in Firefox 45

Changes in (March 8, 2016)

  • Fixed display of “More Columns…” menu in items list column picker (since 4.0.29)

Changes in (March 7, 2016) was released for Firefox only.

  • Reverted to citeproc-js 1.1.60 to fix potential invalid character issue with citations

Changes in 4.0.29 (March 5, 2016)

4.0.29 was released for Firefox only.

  • Firefox 45/46 compatibility
  • [Zotero Standalone] Save PDFs directly from browsers via the Save to Zotero button
    • Requires Chrome connector version 4.0.29; updated Safari connector coming soon
    • To convert a standalone PDF attachment to a full item, right-click the item and choose “Retrieve Metadata for PDF” or “Create Parent Item”.
  • [Zotero for Firefox] Don't show Firefox open/save dialog when showing style installation prompt
  • Retry additional file sync failures automatically
  • Fixed potential crash when dragging in files on some systems
  • Fixed potential crash when dragging collections to another library
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.71
  • Fixed spacing of toolbar icons on Windows/Linux in Firefox 43+
  • Use larger text field for Book Title
  • Make highlight color of selected items list rows on Linux more distinct when items pane doesn't have focus
  • [Zotero for Firefox] Improved error message on Firefox login manager failure
  • Improved error message when trying to use a later database version

Changes in (December 17, 2015) was released for Firefox only.

  • Fix for Firefox incorrectly disabling Zotero for some users

Changes in (December 11, 2015) was released for Firefox only.

  • Firefox extension signing
    • Zotero is now signed by Mozilla for installation under Firefox 43 and above
  • Fixed duplicate filename in progress popup when saving PDFs from Open/Save dialog
  • Fixed duplicate items in output when copying citations to clipboard
  • Relaxed COinS condition handling on import
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.60

Changes in (October 3, 2015) was released for Standalone for Mac only.

  • Fixed automatic updater

Changes in (October 2, 2015) was released for Firefox and Standalone for Mac and Windows only. This version of Zotero for Firefox is not signed.

  • Fixed dragging of notes and attachments onto other items in Firefox 41 on Windows
  • [Zotero Standalone for Mac] Fixed incomplete main window if Zotero was closed in full-screen mode on OS X 10.11

Changes in (September 25, 2015) was released for Firefox and Standalone for Mac and Windows only. This version of Zotero for Firefox is not signed.

  • Fixed display of colored tag squares in middle pane in Firefox 41 on Windows/Linux
  • When highlighting collections containing an item, scroll the top-most collection into view if one isn't already visible
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.58

Changes in (September 24, 2015) was released for Firefox only. This version of Zotero is not signed.

  • Fixed saving of sync passwords in Firefox 41
  • Fixed sync login error when WebDAV is enabled

Changes in (September 23, 2015) was released for Firefox only. Additionally, as Firefox extension signing enforcement was delayed until Firefox 43, this version of Zotero is not signed.

  • Firefox 41 compatibility
    • Fixed login manager error when syncing or opening preferences in Firefox 41

Changes in (August 31, 2015) was released for Firefox only.

  • Firefox extension signing
    • Zotero is now signed by Mozilla for installation under Firefox 41 and above
  • Fixed Cmd/Ctrl-Down in Quick Format dialog
  • Updated message for corrupted Firefox logins database with current filenames
  • Focus items list when selecting an item with zotero://select

Changes in shall exist only in our minds.

Changes in (August 14, 2015) was released for Firefox only.

  • Updated Quick Format dialog for Firefox 40 on OS X
    • Popup is now rectangular, as transparent windows are no longer supported
  • Fixed several minor bugs with Quick Format dialog
  • Fixed failure when citing a computer program
  • Don't allow Attachments column in items list to be resized

Changes in 4.0.28 (July 30, 2015)

Functionality added or changed

  • Automatically select single item in Select Items window when saving via folder icon

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed memory leak while browsing recognized webpages (Zotero for Firefox)
  • Fixed excessive file checks/updates during file syncing
  • Fixed file sync error with too-long filenames on OS X and Linux
  • Fixed error saving PDF if Zotero pane hasn't been opened yet in Firefox window (Zotero for Firefox)
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.45
  • Fixed styling of snapshots taken while in Reader View
  • Fixed a rare condition that could cause a file not to be uploaded during file syncing
  • [Zotero Standalone] Fixed potential hang on DNS request failure

Changes in (July 15, 2015) was released for Standalone for Mac only.

  • Fixed use of discrete GPU on systems with automatic GPU switching

Changes in (July 13, 2015) was released for Standalone only.

  • Fixed error on first launch after updating Zotero Standalone if Firefox was open simultaneously

Changes in (July 13, 2015)

  • Fixed Zotero menu in Zotero Standalone on OS X
  • Fixed style language saving in word processor documents
  • Added “without snapshot” option in save button drop-down menu in Firefox connector mode
  • Default to last-used bibliography language for word processor documents created before 4.0.27
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.1.39

Changes in (July 6, 2015)

  • Fixed auto-hiding of toolbar button guidance panels on complex web pages
  • Miscellaneous tweaks to toolbar guidance panels
  • Show guidance panel for new save button again
  • Fixed too-large icons in secondary toolbars on Linux
  • Fixed issues with toolbar icons across multiple windows
  • Fixed collapsing of libraries with “-” (minus) key

Changes in (July 4, 2015) was released for Firefox only.

  • Fixed Quick Copy in tab mode

Changes in (July 3, 2015) was released for Firefox only.

  • Fixed too-large icons in secondary toolbars on Windows/Mac systems (Linux fix forthcoming; forum discussion)
  • Fixed intermittent Standalone-Firefox communication failure at Zotero startup on some systems

Changes in (July 1, 2015) was released for Firefox only.

  • Fixed too-large save icons on Windows/Linux systems with high-res displays
  • Fixed error saving to Zotero Standalone from Firefox
  • Don't show option to save web pages without snapshots in Firefox in connector mode
    • Will be restored with the next Standalone release

Changes in 4.0.27 (June 30, 2015)

Functionality added or changed

  • Firefox 39 compatibility (Zotero for Firefox)
  • New toolbar icons (Zotero for Firefox)
    • A new set of buttons in the Firefox toolbar combines the previous Z icon for opening the Zotero pane, the address bar icon for saving from recognized webpages, and the Create New Item from Current Page button from the Zotero toolbar. It's now possible to save from any webpage using a single button, and Zotero will automatically use the best method available. A drop-down menu provides access to functionality that was previously available via a right-click on the address bar icon, such as choosing the translator to use when saving from a site, and will include additional functionality in future versions.
    • Separate buttons for opening Zotero and saving webpages are also available from the Firefox Customize pane. These can be moved independently to any place in the Firefox toolbar or the larger menu panel — for example, to place a dedicated save button between the address bar and search bar, near its previous location in the address bar.
  • Bibliography language menu
    • The language used in generating citations via Quick Copy, Create Bibliography from Selected Items, and the word processor plugins can now be set in the respective dialog for each function. (Previously, Zotero used the same language used in the user interface unless a hidden preference was set.)
    • When using the word processor plugins, the selected language is stored in the document preferences, allowing different documents to use different languages.
  • Added “Export Library…” option to group libraries
  • Added checkbox to use one side for all remaining sync conflicts
  • Added high-resolution versions of many icons for Retina/HiDPI displays
  • Added option to not show the proxy redirection notification
  • Added confirmation prompt for “Remove Item(s) from Collection”
  • Added “Show Item in Library” button to error window when a note is too long to sync
  • Added context menu to DOI field with “View Online” and “Copy as URL” options
  • Moved shortcut keys preference pane to tab of Advanced pane
  • Clean up ISBNs on save
  • Miscellaneous UI tweaks

Bugs fixed

  • Improved site compatibility when saving from Chrome/Safari connectors
    • Various sites for which attachments were only saved from Zotero for Firefox now work from the connectors as well.
  • Various file and file sync issues
    • When relinking a missing stored file, the selected file is now copied into the attachment's storage directory automatically. (Previously, selecting a file outside the attachment directory would result in a missing attachment.)
    • Don't allow Windows shortcuts (.lnk files) to be added as attachments
    • Don't allow hidden files to be selected in Locate dialog for a missing attachment
    • Fixed file sync errors for *.lnk and hidden files
    • Strip leading periods from filenames of added files
    • Fixed error if a synced filename begins with a dot (“.pdf”)
    • Fixed a cause of excessive file sync modification type updates/checks
  • Improved searching and sorting of names in QuickFormat bar
  • Fixed “any” mode in Advanced Search window
  • Fixed Lookup Engines (e.g., Library Lookup)
  • Fixed crash when dragging a top-level attachment to a collection in another library where it existed as a child attachment
  • Match last names alone for two-field names in search autocomplete
  • Fixed truncated snapshots on some Chinese webpages
  • Fixed detection of PDF tools on some 64-bit Linux systems
  • Fixed pasting of non-HTTP URLs into notes from non-note sources
  • Fixed sorting of tag autocomplete in Advanced Search window
  • Fixed potential infinite loop dragging large HTML notes
  • Restore tag colors when using Restore to Zotero Server
  • Miscellaneous fixes

Developer-specific changes/fixes

  • Unit testing infrastructure
  • -zoterodebug flag is now -ZoteroDebug
  • Restored use of dump() on Windows if debug pref is enabled
    • The Cygwin console, unlike -console, is actually usable, so developers on Windows should use that for ongoing development. -ZoteroDebug will continue to log to the Browser Console for receiving real-time debug output from end users.
  • Allow setting item field value via base field

Changes in (April 8, 2015) was released for Firefox and Standalone for Windows only.

  • Revert to modified Xpdf 3.02 binaries on Windows to address issues running .vbs scripts on some systems

Changes in (April 7, 2015)

  • PDF tools updates
    • Automatic upgrading of PDF tools (currently to Xpdf 3.0.4)
    • Support for unmodified Xpdf/Poppler binaries
  • Fixed file sync error with filenames containing slashes
  • Fixed potential file sync error with symlinked files/directories
  • Fixed potential sync error after deleting library containing colored tags

Changes in (March 18, 2015)

  • Reopen collapsed item pane on Zotero restart
    • Interim solution until collapsed splitter is more discoverable (#678)

Changes in (February 21, 2015)

  • Fixed saving of files in snapshots (since 4.0.26)

Changes in 4.0.26 (February 11, 2015)

Functionality added or changed

  • Firefox 36 compatibility
  • Use first 15 pages of PDF (up from 7) when attempting to retrieve metadata
  • Miscellaneous tweaks to Style Editor/Preview windows

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed “Attach Link via URI”
  • Fixed PDF metadata retrieval in Firefox 31 ESR
  • Continue with default if declining Zotero handling of RIS/BibTex/etc.
  • Don't require Zotero restart to change RIS/BibTeX handling preference
  • Disable expand/collapse shortcuts when editing collection name inline
  • Fixed sync authentication errors for usernames containing extended characters
  • Use full URL for attachment title if nothing after first slash
  • Fixed OpenURL 0.1 resolver detection
  • Fixed issue with proxied URLs when using Zotero for Firefox in connector mode

Changes in (January 17, 2015) was released for Standalone for Mac only.

  • Fixed application signature.

Changes in (January 14, 2015)

  • Fixed DOI lookup and some other save errors in

Changes in (January 13, 2015) was released for Firefox only.

Functionality added or changed

  • Firefox 35 compatibility
  • Allow right pane (item pane) to be collapsed
  • Keep active item pane editing field open when window loses focus
  • Allow Quick Search to search for civil law cases
  • Improved “Attach Link to URI” dialog
    • Allow title to be provided
    • Don't fail silently with unrecognized URIs
    • Removed restriction on URI schemes
  • Normalize all data to NFC on input and export
  • Use HTTPS for proxy auth check
  • Removed obsolete “CSL” column in Cite → Styles preferences
  • Various updates to CSL preview pane

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed saving of style information in some webpage snapshots saved via translators
  • Fixed duplicate matching with nonsensical ISBNs

Developer-specific changes/fixes

  • Various Zotero.debug()/Zotero.Utilities.varDump() improvements
  • Removed Zotero.safeDebug() — Zotero.debug() can now be used safely in all situations

Changes in (December 2, 2014) was released for Firefox only.

  • Fixed citation list generation via right-click and quick copy (since 4.0.24)
  • Fixed “getItemAtRow(…) is undefined” error after some modifications (since 4.0.24)

Changes in 4.0.24 (December 1, 2014)

4.0.24 was released for Firefox only.

Functionality added or changed

  • Firefox 34 compatibility
  • Allow dependent styles to override parent style locale
  • Added tooltip to Zotero toolbar button

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed file sync error with Hola extension enabled
  • Fixed sync error with file paths of exactly 260 characters on Windows
  • Fixed sync error with missing linked attachment base directory set
  • PDF metadata retrieval: don't skip ISBN search if a DOI search fails
  • Remove child items from view when removing parent with tag selector closed
  • Speed up Quick Copy with many items
  • Use the whole Creator string in sortCreatorAsString mode
    • Previously, with extensions.zotero.sortCreatorAsString enabled, only the first word would be used for sorting
  • Fixed UI issues with Cyrillic mime types

Developer-specific changes/fixes

  • Allow calling Zotero.Translate.*.translate() without setting translator first

Changes in (October 14, 2014) was released for Firefox only.

  • Fixed BibTeX export in Firefox <33 (since 4.0.23)

Changes in 4.0.23 (October 14, 2014)

Functionality added or changed

  • Firefox 33 compatibility
  • Show “HTTPS” (the default) above “HTTP” in WebDAV settings

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed intermittent errors requiring Zotero restarts while syncing
  • Fixed crash when dragging items to collections from advanced search window
  • Improved long-filename handling during syncing
    • This fixes sync errors with long filenames on encrypted Linux filesystems.
  • Fixed error loading an items list containing a 'letter' item with more than 10 recipients
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.0.543
  • Use old-style search boxes on OS X Yosemite before Firefox 34 to avoid UI glitch
  • Other miscellaneous fixes

Changes in 4.0.22 (September 2, 2014)

Functionality added or changed

  • Firefox 32 compatibility
  • Don't ignore initial punctuation when sorting
    • Internal punctuation is still ignored (since
  • Natural sorting of numbers in lists (“1” < “2” < “10”)

Bugs fixed

  • [Windows] Fixed intermittent source file deletion when dragging files in (i.e., copying)
  • [Windows] Fixed Quick Copy dragging to Chrome text areas and elsewhere
  • [Windows] Restored highlighting of collection row during drag
  • Use Mozilla's colors for tag selector background (and right-hand pane on Windows)
    • This provides better compatibility with Firefox themes.
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.0.539
  • Fixed error saving corporate authors from some sites

Changes in (June 27, 2014) was released for Firefox and Zotero for Mac only.

  • Fixed startup error with additional system language configurations on OS X

Changes in (June 25, 2014) was released for Firefox and Zotero for Mac only.

  • Fixed startup error with some non-English system languages on OS X
  • Punctuation is now ignored during sorting
    • For example, “St. Jean” now sorts before “St John”

Changes in (June 24, 2014) was released for Firefox only.

  • Fixed translator-based saving in Firefox 24

Changes in (June 21, 2014)

  • Fixed “Add Item by Identifier” (since 4.0.21)
  • Fixed inline collection editing when clicking to another collection

Changes in (June 20, 2014)

  • Fixed a cosmetic sync error message (“Q.async(…)(…) is undefined”) in 4.0.21

Changes in 4.0.21 (June 20, 2014)

Functionality added or changed

  • Advanced searching of group libraries
    • Added a library switcher in the advanced search window
  • Items can now be be moved (instead of copied) between collections with a modifier key
    • Cmd on OS X, Shift on Windows/Linux
    • Known issue: No cursor feedback on Windows
  • Configurable secondary sorting and other sorting improvements
    • Each column in the middle pane can now have its own persistent secondary sort column, configurable from a new submenu in the column picker menu (top right of items list).
    • The fallback sort fields (firstCreator, date, title, dateAdded) are now configurable via the extensions.zotero.fallbackSort hidden pref in about:config. Setting the pref to an empty string avoids all fallback sorting, which allows reverse-order clicking to set the order.
    • The old behavior of sorting based on the exact Creator string (rather than the actual creators) can now be restored with the extensions.zotero.sortCreatorAsString pref. In large libraries with many creators, this mode may allow for faster display of the items list.
  • Inline editing of collection names
    • Can be triggered by double-clicking or Return and also by F2 on Windows/Linux
  • Error reporting improvements
    • Always allow “Report Errors…”, even when no errors have occurred
    • Show submitted diagnostic info in reports
    • UI tweaks to improve readability in Report Errors window
  • Include active item pane tab in Tab cycle on OS X
    • This allows switching tabs using the arrow keys in addition to Ctrl-(Shift-)Tab
  • Remember a single position/size for all note windows instead of for each note individually
  • Link translator errors to troubleshooting page instead of known issues page
  • Enforce minimum note font size
  • Always display shortcut keys as uppercase in preferences, and honor previously set lowercase values
  • Preselect default Export style in csledit.xul


  • Added Ukrainian locale

Bugs fixed

  • [Zotero for Firefox] Fixed “too much recursion” error during full syncs in Firefox 30
  • Retry some failed file transfers instead of stopping sync
  • Fixed Redo via Cmd-Shift-Z in notes and text fields (except for search bar) on OS X
  • [Zotero for Firefox] Fixed various issues with Firefox 32+/Nightly
  • Fixed potential issue switching between Zotero for Firefox and Zotero Standalone
  • Fixed a sync error related to tags
  • [Standalone] Fixed display of startup error for missing data directory
  • Recognize Windows network shares and forward slashes on file attachment import
  • Fixed parsing of January dates for some exports
  • Advanced search window fixes
    • Cleaned up font sizing and spacing
    • Once an initial search has been performed, the drop-downs and checkboxes now update the results
    • The advanced search window is now closed after a search is saved
    • Use correct default name when saving a search
  • Fixed CSL JSON date import
  • Fixed dropping of creators in CSL JSON export
  • Fixed “Numéro” search condition in French locale
  • [Zotero for Firefox] Fixed gray bar when resizing Firebug pane down
  • Improved CSL field mappings for various item types
  • Various other issues

Developer-specific changes/fixes

  • Zotero.DB.getNextName() now takes a libraryID as its first parameter instead of always using My Library; the old parameters are deprecated but still work

Changes in (April 30, 2014) was released for Firefox only.

  • Fixed gray area above Zotero pane after resizing Zotero pane downward

Changes in (April 29, 2014) was released for Firefox only.

  • Added additional delay to new toolbar icon guidance panel to avoid appearing behind Firefox 29 upgrade panel on some computers

Changes in 4.0.20 (April 29, 2014)

Functionality changed or added

  • New monochrome toolbar icons for Firefox 29 UI (Australis)
  • Display a message pointing to new toolbar icon when upgrading to Firefox 29
    • Firefox 29 permanently removes the Add-on Bar
  • Don't capitalize after colons in Transform Text sentence case conversion (reverted to pre-4.0.18 behavior)
  • Update field/tag textbox as autocomplete lines are selected
    • This allows pressing the Tab key to accept the selected autocomplete entry
  • Don't import RIS note attachments for unknown fields by default
  • Use new Zotero icon in Firefox Add-ons window
  • Added Retina twisties in collections and items lists on OS X
  • Hyperlink DOIs in reports
  • Improved display of case titles in items list for some jurisdictions

Bugs fixed

  • Automatically retry some intermittent file sync errors
  • Fixed file sync hanging after certain network errors
  • Clear cached file sync credentials/URLs when changing sync settings
  • Fixed hang navigating by keyboard in Add Citation dialog after switching views
  • Improved saving from some pages with iframes
  • Miscellaneous other fixes

Developer-specific changes/fixes

  • Added COinS export support for all item types via DC

Changes in 4.0.19 (March 21, 2014)

  • Fixed WebDAV syncing (since 4.0.18)
  • Fixed Date Modified of some attachment items being updated unnecessarily during syncing (since 4.0.18)
  • Added Lithuanian locale
  • Allow Unicode characters in Zotero username in Sync preferences

Changes in (March 19, 2014) was released for Firefox only.

  • Fixed startup error on Windows when debug.log pref was enabled
  • Fixed harmless “Not well-formed” message in browser console

Changes in 4.0.18 (March 19, 2014)

Functionality changed or added

  • Much faster full-text indexing
  • “Retrieve Metadata from PDF” improvements
    • Google Scholar CAPTCHA support to prevent blocks
    • Increased accuracy
    • UI improvements
  • Open links from within notes
  • Automatic linking of web addresses in notes
  • Transform Text sentence-case conversion now capitalizes after :, ?, ! (details)

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed Zotero crash pasting in creator with certain leading whitespace
  • Fixed first item drag of session
  • Fixed “Attachment Content” “does not contain” advanced searches in “all” mode
  • Fixed error recovering from DB corruption if main DB doesn't exist
  • Fixed a rare cause of sync conflicts
  • Fixed parsing of PMCID in Extra field for citations
  • Show sync error rather than stalling sync for an intermittent Amazon error
  • Miscellaneous other fixes

Developer-specific changes/fixes

  • item.attachmentCharset now returns charset name, not ID
    • The item.attachmentCharset setter can still take either name or ID
  • [Zotero for Firefox] Log debug output to the Browser Console on Windows
    • Slower than real-time output on other platforms, but much faster than the Windows text console
  • Added “Save” button and “Near Note” position to CSL Preview

Changes in (December 18, 2013)

This version was released for Firefox only.

  • Allow collapsed state of left pane to persist between restarts
  • Fixed compatibility with Firefox Aurora/Nightly on Windows
  • Fixed a bug where the Zotero pane would not close when opening Standalone
  • Fixed several other small issues

Changes in 4.0.17 (December 14, 2013)

Functionality changed or added

  • When renaming attachment files, keep file extension if not provided
  • New -zoterodebug command-line flag to display debug output in console
  • Clarified some button and message text

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed potential database corruption when switching between Zotero for Firefox and Standalone
  • Fixed file sync errors with passwords containing % + two hex digits
  • Refresh Unfiled Items view when items are added
  • Fixed brief freeze adding a non-matching item to a search
    • Adding an item to a view in which it doesn't appear will now cause the library root to be selected
  • Properly revert attachment renames if they fail
  • Newlines weren't showing up in Abstract/Extra fields
  • Fixed immediate closing of title field when adding an item to a collection
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.0.517
  • Made Esc (or clicking X on Windows) cancel Rebuild/Clear Index
  • Restored pane close button in Firefox 28+
  • Signed included DLL files on Windows to avoid false positive malware reports from antivirus software

Changes in 4.0.16 (November 19, 2013)

  • Fixed a number of potential freezes and crashes related to full-text indexing/syncing
  • Improved indexing of words containing apostrophes
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to version 1.0.508
  • Blacklisted Firefox character set warning in error reports

Changes in 4.0.15 (November 13, 2013)

  • Fixed row height in items list at larger font sizes
  • Fixed error merging items in unsynced libraries
  • Fixed “columns itemID, tagID are not unique” sync error
  • Fixed changing of import character set preference
  • Don't show incorrect SSL error message for other network errors
  • Show “Check for Update” button when opening Zotero database in incompatible older version

Changes in 4.0.14 (November 6, 2013)

  • Fixed dragging items from My Library to group library
  • Fixed error merging certain items
  • Don't try to upload full-text content in read-only libraries

Changes in 4.0.13 (November 5, 2013)

Functionality changed or added

  • Full-text content syncing
    • Syncing of full-text content to and other linked devices
    • Allows full-text searching via the web or on other devices without requiring the original file (e.g., when using on-demand file download)
    • Enabled by default; existing users will be prompted on first sync
    • Note: Enabling full-text syncing breaks local database compatibility with earlier Zotero versions. A backup of the database is placed in the Zotero data directory during the upgrade.
  • Ability to move (instead of copy) files into Zotero
    • Cmd-drag on OS X, Shift on Windows and Linux
    • Known issue: Due to Mozilla bugs, external file drags do not display proper cursor feedback on all platforms.
  • Journal abbreviation improvements
  • Support for authenticated PAC setups in Standalone
    • If necessary, Standalone will now prompt for the proxy username and password at startup.
  • Improved detection of PDFs with non-PDF content at beginning of file


  • Imported latest localizations from Transifex
  • Localized some additional strings

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed hanging during certain file imports
  • Fixed “Invalid sync state '4'” error during sync
  • Fixed functioning of colored tags in group libraries
  • Fixed merging of tags during sync conflict
  • Fixed library-access-denied error after dragging item from read-only group
  • Improved handling of errors when starting Standalone
  • Don't fail during file upload if file is still being downloaded
  • Show patents by issue date in timeline view
  • Fixed PDF tools prompt on preference window open if Search pane was not yet loaded
  • Fixed Quick Copy site editor window in preferences
  • Fixed “Open Documentation” button in WebDAV verification certificate error dialog
  • Improvements to COinS import/export
  • Fixed erroneous “req is not defined” message after WebDAV error
  • Fixed innocuous “itemProgress is not defined” error
  • Undo tree row spacing change in Firefox/XULRunner 25 on Windows
  • Various other issues

Developer-specific changes/fixes

  • Renamed Zotero.ID.getKey() to Zotero.Utilites.generateObjectKey()
  • Return multiple items from Zotero.Utilities.itemToServerJSON()
  • Read 200 bytes instead of 128 in Zotero.File.getSample()

Changes in 4.0.12 (August 9, 2013)

  • Fixed switching into and out of connector mode in Zotero for Firefox (since 4.0.11)

Changes in 4.0.11 (August 8, 2013)

  • Fixed a file sync error on Windows (since 4.0.10)

Changes in 4.0.10 (August 8, 2013)

Functionality changed or added

  • Use Ctrl-Shift for all shortcuts on Windows/Linux instead of Ctrl-Alt
  • Added Firefox-wide shortcut (Ctrl-Shift-S/Cmd-Shift-S) for “Save to Zotero”
  • Improved UI responsiveness
    • Avoid freezing the UI during file syncs in libraries with many attachments
    • Avoid freezing the UI during autocomplete searches
    • Avoid freezing the UI if linked files are on an inaccessible server and the attachments (blue dot) column is enabled
  • Selective checking for local file modifications during file syncing
    • On manual syncs and the first auto-sync of a session, check all files
    • During other auto-syncs, check only files previously modified or opened externally via Zotero (including Show File) within the last 3 hours
    • Every 3 hours, do a full check of all files, even during an auto-sync
    • This change should reduce disk usage (and potentially increase battery life on notebooks) for users using auto-sync with libraries with many synced attachments.
  • Allow creation of linked files via drag-and-drop
    • Ctrl-Shift-drag on Windows/Linux, Cmd-Option-drag on OS X
    • Known issue: Mouse cursor feedback works reliably only on Linux
  • Focus Title field when creating new item via toolbar menu or shortcut key
  • If a creator exists on an item but is a different creator type than the one being entered, show creator in autocomplete list
  • [Standalone, Linux/OS X] Warn if Zotero is run as root, and correct an issue that would later prevent starting as a standard user
  • [Standalone] Alter auto-update message if program directory isn't writeable
    • Avoid implying that Zotero should be run as super-user to correct problem, and advise fixing permissions on the Zotero program directory instead

Bugs fixed

  • Shortcut keys were broken on Windows and Linux (since 4.0.9)
  • [Standalone] Don't show Firefox-specific shortcut keys in preferences
  • Fixed error exporting linked HTML files
  • Fixed resetting of notes in external note window if user was typing during file syncing
  • Updated auto-update pref text to include styles
  • Updated RIS/Refer pref text to include BibTeX

Developer-specific changes/fixes

  • Added Zotero.Item.libraryKey, to return libraryID and key (“0/ABCD2345”)

Changes in (July 27, 2013) was released for Standalone for Windows only.

  • Fixed crashes on startup after updating on some systems

Changes in 4.0.9 (July 22, 2013)

Functionality changed or added

  • Added publication title to “Title, Creator, Year” search
  • Default to last-used item type when creating item via keyboard
  • Removed conflict with Cmd-Shift-A and third-party shortcuts
  • Ignore files in translators directory not ending in .js
  • Allow additional schemes when adding links by URI

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed note blanking/overwriting from notes with embedded images
  • Zotero File Storage quota warning wasn't appearing
  • Don't update Date Modified when syncing related items
  • Fixed sync error if there were no valid files in an attachment directory
  • Don't display snapshot or link-from-page context menu options in Standalone
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Quick Format dialog
      • Fixed drag and drop
      • Protect against pasting HTML-formatted text
    • Fixed error message when inserting a field in an unsupported location
    • Don't change capitalization of unabbeviated words in journal titles
    • Better handle empty (e.g., incompletely deleted) bibliographies
    • Fixed handling of multiple missing/corrupt citations when “No” is clicked
    • Updated citeproc-js to 1.0.471
  • Fixed functionality and styling of note pop-ups
  • Call Preferences “Preferences” in menu on all platforms
  • Fixed various incorrect click behaviors in Duplicate Items view
  • Add Item by Identifier textbox was truncated on second open
  • Refresh Quick Copy list when resetting styles or translators
  • Installed style list did not update properly when adding a style if the preferences window was open but the Styles pane had not yet been selected
  • Avoid unnecessary scrollbar in sync error panel
  • Fixed spacing around Reindex Item icon on Windows

Developer-specific changes/fixes

  • Prefer higher-priority translators even if they don't target the top frame
  • Look for x-www-form-urlencoded instead of x-www-urlencoded in connector endpoint
  • [Zotero for Firefox] The folders within the 'chrome' directory are no longer packed into a zotero.jar file, since the extension itself is now run from an unpacked XPI

Changes in 4.0.8 (May 2, 2013)

  • Fixed database upgrade error if a 4.0.7 database was run in 4.0-4.0.6 and then opened in 4.0.7

Changes in 4.0.7 (May 2, 2013)

Functionality changed or added

  • Improved import performance
  • Added a WebDAV verification step to ensure 404 on missing files
  • Added default values for some translator hidden prefs

Bugs fixed

  • [Standalone] Fixed compatibility with authenticated proxies
  • Fixed removal of groups during sync
    • Recently removed groups should disappear within a few days
  • UI didn't update when adding/removing colored tags in search modes
  • Fixed “Display character encoding on export” checkbox in prefs
  • Fixed file sync error with overly solicitous WebDAV servers (since 4.0.6)
  • Daily translator/style check didn't trigger immediately after startup
  • Fixed potential file sync errors in libraries without file editing access
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to 1.0.460
  • Fixed “Delete reconciliation unimplemented for searches” sync error
  • Fixed error in console when no results from regexp search

Changes in 4.0.6 (April 22, 2013)

Functionality changed or added

  • Autocomplete for tags, fields, and creators is now limited to the current library
  • BibTeX files downloaded from websites are now imported automatically (if served as text/x-bibtex or application/x-bibtex)
  • Increased maximum note length in middle pane to 120 characters
  • Shift-Enter in creator field now uses existing creator type for new creator, like “+” button

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed syncing of relative paths
    • Clear and reassign a base directory to trigger syncing of existing relative paths
  • Fixed file downloads on WebDAV servers that don't return a Last-Modified header (,
  • Changed WebDAV 'lastsync' files to 'lastsync.txt' for better server compatibility
  • Errors on some file sync requests could hang sync progress
  • Fixed UI update when adding/removing colored tags in search modes
  • Fixed attaching of files with very long filenames
  • Fixed saving of PDFs open in pdf.js
  • Favor top frame when saving from sites using frames
  • Fixed “attachments is undefined” save error
  • Download progress window never disappeared if the snapshot pref was disabled in Zotero Standalone
  • Improved parsing of attachment paths/filenames in RIS files
  • Allow “%” character in attachment filenames
  • Fixed cut-off document preferences window on first use
  • Updated citeproc-js to 1.0.451
  • Fixed some styles (e.g., AGM SIG-CHI Proceedings) in RTF Scan

Developer-specific changes/fixes

  • Add about:memory button to Standalone

Changes in 4.0.5 (April 16, 2013)

Functionality changed or added

  • Added icons to context menus on Windows and Linux
  • Added automatic handling of renamed CSL files

Bugs fixed

  • Some file sync errors weren't being caught and displayed
  • Fixed “Source item for keyed source doesn't exist” sync error
  • Better handle some file sync file access errors
  • Don't deselect tags in tag selector unnecessarily
  • Colored tags weren't shown in collections with no other tags
  • Fixed syncing error when switching between Zotero File Storage and WebDAV
  • Display note title even if first line is just an opening HTML tag
  • Fixed <div> appearing in some notes instead of <p>
  • Fixed incorrect creator add/delete button behavior when removing an unsaved creator row
  • Fixed Attachment Content regexp search
  • Updated citeproc-js to 1.0.450

Developer-specific changes/fixes

  • Allow attachments to be saved using relative URLs

Changes in 4.0.4 (April 8, 2013)

  • Fixed lookup of <8-digit PMIDs
  • Fixed abbreviation of single word journal titles
  • Fixed “this.get(…).then is not a function” word processor integration error
  • Fixed tag-related sync error
  • Fixed character encoding (including window title) of Timeline view
  • Clarified error message for login manager access failure in Firefox

Changes in 4.0.3 (April 4, 2013)

  • Fixed repeated auto-syncing
  • Fixed automatic title abbreviation for new installs
  • Fixed formatting for bibliographies created via drag-and-drop or Quick Copy
  • Fixed saving of relative attachment paths with extended characters
  • Fixed various potential file sync errors
  • Fixed installation from disk of CSL files with byte order marks
  • Recognize container-title-short as journal abbreviation
  • Updated to citeproc-js 1.0.446
  • Fixed reference test pane
  • Avoid some warnings in Error Console

Changes in 4.0.2 (April 2, 2013)

4.0.2 was released for Firefox only.

  • Fixed setting of relative attachment path

Changes in 4.0.1 (April 2, 2013)

  • Fixed tag colors window in Chinese locale
  • Fixed editor in word processor integration classic view
  • Fixed various issues involving edit bibliography dialog
  • Avoid false positives for metadata retrieval for PDFs containing many consecutive underscores
  • Updated citeproc-js to 1.0.443

Changes in 4.0 Final

4.0 Final was released only on the Mozilla Add-ons site.

  • Fixed appearance of preferences window in some locales

Changes in 4.0 Beta 2 (March 28, 2013)

Functionality changed or added

  • Use of journal abbreviations can now be configured on a per-document basis
    • Option moved from Zotero preferences to document preferences
    • Disabled by default for existing documents, but enabled by default for new documents
  • Default on-demand file download to off
  • Disable warning if opening snapshots with annotations/highlights in more than one window

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed WebDAV file purging
    • Deleted files are now purged from the WebDAV server at the end of every sync
    • Orphaned files are purged every 10 days
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to 1.0.442
  • Fixed WebDAV file sync conflict error
  • Fixed a bug affecting proxy-by-port EZProxy connections
  • Clarified failed CSL validation error message

Developer-specific changes/fixes

  • New ConcurrentCaller object: run a fixed number of concurrent async functions

Changes in 4.0 Beta 1 (March 22, 2013)

Functionality changed or added

  • Firefox 20 compatibility
    • Firefox 17 or later is now required
  • Tag colors
    • Colors can be assigned to up to 6 colors per library by right-clicking on a tag in the tag selector
    • Tags with colors assigned will show up at the top of the tag selector and can be added to (and removed from) selected items by pressing the 1-6 keys on the keyboard
    • Assigned tags will show up as color swatches next to an item's title in the middle pane
    • Colors are synced to other computers
  • On-demand download support
    • Can choose to download files at sync time or automatically when opened
    • Once a file has been downloaded, new versions will be downloaded and uploaded at sync time
  • Relative path support for linked files
    • A base directory can be configured in the Advanced pane of the Zotero preferences
    • Linked file attachments stored within the base directory will be referenced using relative paths, allowing the files to be accessed on different computers as long as the file structure within the base directory remains the same
  • Automatic style updating for all installed styles
    • Zotero will check for style updates once a day
    • Currently limited to styles available in the Zotero Style Repository
  • Automatic journal abbreviation support
    • When enabled, journal abbreviations are used automatically when citing
    • Currently supports MEDLINE abbreviations
    • Disabled by default for old documents, but enabled by default for new documents; can be configured in document preferences
  • PDF metadata retrieval improvements
    • Look for ISBN numbers
    • Better prevention of Google Scholar lockouts
  • “# of Attachments” column is now two separate columns
    • A blue dot now shows if an item has a file attachment; if the file doesn't exist locally (e.g., because of on-demand download), the blue dot is empty in the center
    • A separate column (off by default) now shows the number of child notes
  • Additional item fields are now available as columns in middle pane
  • Multiple-identifier lookup support in Add Item by Identifier
    • Pasting multiple lines of text converts the text field into a multi-line text box, as does Shift-Return/Enter
    • Shift-Enter/Shift-Return submits input in multi-line mode
  • Multiple newline-separated creators and tags can be added at once
    • Paste newline-separated list into creator or tag field
    • For tags, pasting a newline-separated list or pressing Shift-Enter/Shift-Return changes the input field into a multi-line text box; press Shift-Enter/Shift-Return to submit (not yet implemented for creators)
  • Tag entry box improvements
    • Tags can now be created/removed via the keyboard
    • Single-tag entry is much faster
  • Added “Delete Collection and Items” context-menu option for collections
  • Import from Clipboard now imports into the current collection instead of creating a new collection
  • Date parts indicator now matches order in entered date
  • Improved saving notifications
    • Show name of target library
    • Show attachment download status
  • Rewritten file-syncing architecture
    • File syncing now occurs separately for each library, so a file sync error (such as a storage quota error) in one library no longer interrupts file syncing in other libraries
    • More accurate progress meter
    • Download progress for individual files is now shown in the middle pane
  • Added additional field in Quick Format dialog showing the name of the library and providing a link to the item
  • Duplicate detection improvements
  • Updated various UI strings
  • Various performance improvements
  • Sorting changes
    • Don't sort Year column by full date
    • Sort by title after creator and date, if not primary sort (including for notes, which have neither a creator nor a date)
    • For secondary/tertiary sort, use Year instead of Date if Year column is present and Date column is not
    • Use Date Added rather than Date Modified for final fallback sort to preserve item position after edits
    • Sort empty titles last when title isn't primary sort
  • Validate CSL styles on installation
  • Support for parsing PMIDs and PMCIDs from Extra field for use in citation styles
    • Will allow creation of styles that include PubMed IDs or URLs
    • Format is “PMID: [number]” and “PMCID: [number]”
    • Extra field is already used by existing translators
    • This is a temporary measure until dedicated fields are available.
  • New context-menu option to swap creator first/last names
  • [Zotero for Firefox] Icon is now a proper add-on bar icon
    • Can be moved/removed via Firefox “Customize…” window as well as via Zotero prefs
    • The icon can be in the toolbar or in the add-on bar, but not both (since it is now the same button)
  • Only show annotation toolbar on pages that already have annotations
  • Quit rather than restart when changing data directory to allow for moving of data
  • Show startup errors in the alert itself
  • Don't shorten URLs in reports
  • The “Advanced” preference pane has been separated into two tabs, “General” and “Files and Folders”
  • Filenames are no longer Base64-encoded in ZIP files uploaded to WebDAV servers
  • [Zotero for Firefox] New -ZoteroPaneOpen command line argument to open Zotero pane automatically on Firefox startup


  • Imported latest localizations from Transifex
  • Localized most unlocalized strings
  • RTL support in notes
    • The note editor now defaults to the directionality of the current locale, with a button to toggle to the opposite direction

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed incorrect scrolling of middle pane after item edit
  • Fixed erratic window height in Preferences window
  • Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
    • Updated citeproc-js to 1.0.425
  • Focus preferences window if already showing
  • Improved handling of corrupt translator files
  • Fixed checkboxes in tag selector menu on OS X
  • Fixed error importing RDF files with very long notes
  • Escape special characters in file paths when attaching files
  • Don't update item when tabbing through empty Date field
  • Fixed saving of web pages with invalid characters at end of URL
  • Don't show open/save dialog when dragging certain text-based files (e.g., Python scripts) into Zotero
  • Various other issues

Developer-specific changes/fixes

  • The Q promises library is now available and used in various places
  • Added asynchronous versions of various functions that return Q promises
    • Zotero.HTTP.promise()
    • Zotero.File.getContentsAsync()
    • Zotero.File.putContentsAsync()
    • Zotero.File.getBinaryContentsAsync()
  • Allow web translators to monitor DOM nodes for changes in order to re-trigger detectWeb()

Older Changes

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