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We’re in the process of updating the documentation for Zotero 5.0. Some documentation may be outdated in the meantime. Thanks for your understanding.

Profile directory location

Zotero 5.0/Zotero 4.0 Standalone

You can find your Zotero Standalone profile directory in the following location:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Zotero/Profiles/<randomstring>
Windows 7/Vista
C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\Zotero\Zotero\Profiles\<randomstring>
Windows XP/2000
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Zotero\Zotero\Profiles\<randomstring>

Zotero 4.0 for Firefox

Follow these instructions to locate your profile directory.

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