• When you have selected an item in the middle column, you can highlight all collections that contain this item by holding down the “Option” key on Mac OS X, the “Control” key on Windows, or the “Alt” key on Linux.
  • Press “+” (plus) on the keyboard within the collections list or items list to expand all nodes and “-” (minus) to collapse them.
  • To see the number of items in the selected library or collection, click an item in the middle column and use the Select All shortcut (Command-A on Mac OS X or Control-A on Windows and Linux). A count will appear in the right column (attachments are included in the count when visible, i.e. when the parent item is expanded).
  • Are you unable to adjust the size of the Zotero pane downwards beyond a certain point? Close the tag selector (e.g. by dragging the splitter above the tag selector down), as it has a minimum height.
  • You can convert the contents of the title and publisher fields to either sentence or title case by right-clicking the field and using the Transform Text menu.
  • The date fields will automatically convert “yesterday”, “today”, and “tomorrow” into the respective dates
  • When using Quick Copy, holding the “Shift” key while dragging and dropping items into a text document will insert citations instead of full references.
  • You can click the DOI and URL field labels to open the field link.
  • Manually adding authors to a Zotero item? You can use Shift+Enter after typing each name as a faster alternative to clicking the “+” button.
  • Need more than one Zotero library? You can use multiple profiles to keep your libraries separated. You can also maintain separate libraries within a single profile using Zotero Groups.
  • You can convert URL addresses in the bibliography to working hyperlinks using the AutoFormat function in Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. Follow these steps:
    1. Click the Remove Field Codes button in the Zotero menu. This converts Zotero citations to plain text and disconnects your document from Zotero, so you should save a new copy of your document and use this function on only the final version.
    2. Select your bibliography (or all of the text in the document, if desired) and apply the Word/LibreOffice AutoFormat (the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl/Cmd-Alt/Option-K in Word).
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