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We’re in the process of updating the documentation for Zotero 5.0. Some documentation may be outdated in the meantime. Thanks for your understanding.

Zotero Item Types and Fields

This is a work in progress on a guide to entering information into Zotero manually.

Generic Fields

The following fields exist across multiple item types and have the same purpose for all types

Field Description
Abstract Short description of the work
Accessed Date an electronic resource was accessed. Typically filled automatically. Accepts various date formats, including “today,” “yesterday,” and “tomorrow”
Archive Mainly for archival resources, the archive where an item was found. Note that Zotero's ability to fully cite archival resources are limited, see here for some pointers.
Call Number The call number of an item in a library
Cast Member* Member of the cast of a performance
Date Date of publication. See “Accessed” for the date an electronic resource was accessed.
DOI The Digital Object Identifier of an item. This field will be added to more item types in the future
Edition The edition of a work. Where numeric, should be entered as simple arabic numeral, e.g. “2” rather than “second”
Episode Number The Episode Number of a pdocast, or TV/radio broadcast
ExtraFree field. Currently used for storing PMID and PMCID. Note these have to be on separate lines to be usable in citations.
FormatThe format of an audio or video recording (e.g. “DVD,” “CD,” “MP3,” etc.)
History Resources related to the procedural history of a legal case or legislation
ISBN The International Standard Book Number of a book or similar publication
ISSN The International Standard Serial Number of a periodical publiaction
Issue The issue number of a periodical - typically issues start at 1 at the beginning of each year/volume
LanguageThe language of publication for an item. We recommend storing these as two letter ISO language codes followed by two letter ISO country codes, e.g. en-US for American English, or de-DE for German. Note that this also serves to disable title-casing of non-English publications.
Legislative Body* The legislative body - parliament, senate etc. - debating a bill or passing legislation
Library CatalogThe catalog or database an item was imported from. Used e.g. in the MLA citation style. This is much broader than actual library catalogs and may be renamed in the future
Loc. in ArchiveThe location of an item in an archive, such as a box and folder number or other relevant location information from the finding aid
Network The Network broadcasting a TV or Radio show
Pages The page range of an item that is part of a larger publication. Also to be used for locators in e-journals
PlaceMostly place of publication for an item. Can also refer to location of an event. Zotero will eventually add separate place fields for those two cases.
Program TitleThe title of a radio of TV show of which an episode is entered. E.g. “This American Life” or “60 Minutes”
PublicationThe title of the periodical containing the cited item
PublisherThe publisher of an item
Rights*The copyright terms or license for an item
Running TimeThe running time of any type of recording. Needs to contain the unit, i.e. 120mins
SectionSection of a bill, statute, or a newspaper
SeriesName of a series that contains multiple publications (e.g. “Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics”)
Series NumberThe number of an item in a series
Series TitleTitle of a series of articles within one issue of a journal. See here for an explanation. For citation purposes this is currently equivalent to “Series” and is erroneously used instead of series in some item types (e.g. Map)
SessionThe session of a legislative body
Short TitleShort form of the title, often without the subtitle. Used mostly in footnote styles for subsequent citations
TitleThe principal title of an item. Should be entered in sentence case
TypeDescription of an item, such as “Ph.D. Thesis,” “Unpublished manuscript,” or “Poster”
URLURL (web-address) at which the full item was accessed. Should not be used for links to catalog records or abstracts, which can be added as links
Volumevolume of a (typically multi-volume) publication. Will most commonly be a number
Website Type Rarely used - describes the genre of a webpage such as “personal blog” or “intranet”

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) cannot be used in citations

Generic Creators

Item Types and Specific Fields


Audio Recording




Book Section


Computer Program

Conference Paper

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Forum Post


Instant Message


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TV Broadcast

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