How do I label different creator roles, such as Director or Producer, for films and other media?

For citations to films, recordings, and broadcasts, Zotero currently has limited to support for labeling producers, scriptwriters, and some other Creator roles.

To label directors, leave the main Zotero field blank (or enter the names as Contributor) and enter the director names using Director in Extra. See Citing Fields from Extra below.

All Creator roles (Director, Producer, Scriptwriter, etc.) can also be labelled by entering the names using the default author role for the item (Performer for Audio Recording, Podcaster for Podcast, and Director for Film, Radio Broadcast, TV Broadcast, and Video Recording) and adding the appropriate labels in parentheses after the authors' first names—e.g., MacNaughton || Ian (Producer). Note that the labels will be rendered verbatim in citations; enter abbreviated terms (e.g., “Prod.”) here as needed.

If the style uses initials for author first/given names, rather than full names (e.g., APA style), if the label contains multiple words (e.g., “Executive Producer” or “Writer & Director”), Zotero will abbreviate the words of the label after the first. To avoid this, type a “Word Joiner” character (Unicode U+2060, printed here between quotes: “⁠”) on either side of each space in the label.

See also Role Labels for Media Creators

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