Zotero: Too Good To Be Legal?

We are excited to announce a set of seven new translators of particular interest to those who study law. Zotero users can now automatically capture Supreme Court decisions, patents, and laws and regulations. We would like to thank Bill McKinney who developed these translators for our community. Zotero has already been recognized as a great tool for lawyers and legal scholars, and these seven new translators make that all the more apparent. Give some of the new translators a try. See the full list of translators below along with examples of items you could capture.

Law Reviews
HeinOnline (Subscription Required)
e.g. 2 Marq. Sports L. J. 175 (1991-1992)Drugs vs. Privacy: The New Game in Sports; Palmer, Charles A.

U.S. Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR)
e.g. Title 24: Housing and Urban Development.

Legal Information Institutes
Australasian and New Zealand Legal Information Institute
e.g. The Queen v Shen (NZLII).

British and Irish Legal Information Institute
e.g. Novartis Ag v IVAX Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd.

Canadian Legal Information Institute
e.g. Hsuen v. Ontario Municipal Board Churchill-Basswood Developments Inc..

Cornell’s Legal Information Institute
e.g. John Bruce Hubbard, Petitioner v. United States

e.g. United States Patent: 7150217 – Protective body armor.