A Lot Of Buzz Around Zotero

As Zotero continues to gain momentum, we thought we’d again take the opportunity to share some of the enthusiastic responses from our users. Here is a little bit of what people are saying:

“Zotero is making me super happy this week… Rumor has it that once you’re done researching, it can even build you a bibliography, which is freaking awesome. Highly recommended.”
~Author Ariel Meadow Stallings

Zotero is a “powerful tool for capturing the expert analysis and retrieval essential to health sciences librarianship.”
~Mark Desierto, Medical Library Association Newsletter April 2007

“If you write and use citations and references in your writing (lawyers, that would be you), you need Zotero… It’s totally free, open source, and completely awesome… I expect that Zotero will be the new standard in research/reference management.”
~Brandy Karl, an independent copyright, trademark and business attorney in Boston

“The user interface is a joy! No need to enter editing mode or save changes! It downloads in a few seconds…This is how software should work. Go get it!”
~Gustaf Brandberg, a Digital Business Managament Consultant at TietoEnator Digital Innovations

“Zotero, a break-through project out of George Mason University, promises to make digital metadata much more a part of the daily lives of scholars.” It “saves researchers a great deal of tedium and reduces annoying typographic errors in building up their reference databases.”
~Archaeologist Eric Kansa

“Zotero is best experienced though I hope your curiosity is whetted by reading about its capabilities. If you do any kind of research I recommend that you give Zotero a try.”
~Mack Lundy Librarian at the College of William and Mary

“Zotero’s strength is its congruency with the academic work flow. I continue to be impressed with Zotero and I still highly recommend it as a bibliography tool. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?”
~Laura Blankenship, Senior Instructional Technologist at Bryn Mawr College

Zotero “is necessary for Firefox. Be sure to add it to your browser.”
~Writer Anne Cagle