Zotero 1.0: Better Documented Than Ever Before

While the Zotero dev community powers along the development roadmap, other community members have been diligently working to upgrade and expand Zotero’s documentation. If you are a diehard Zoteron, you might browse through the documentation pages; there’s a good chance that you are are missing out on all sorts of features.

For example you can now find documentation on Zotero’s report generating capabilities and using timelines. You might also be interested in portable solutions for Zotero 1.0 as well as techniques for using Zotero 1.0 over a network. Several bilingual community members have updated or created translations of Zotero’s quick start guide. Many thanks to Harald Kliems for updating the German translation, Seangill (Peter ) Bae for contributing a Korean translation, Dániel Takács for contributing a Hungarian translation, and Erwan Le Guerroué for contributing a French translation.

If you have any tips or tricks for using Zotero, think there are some great Zotero features you would like to see elaborated on in Zotero’s documentation, or would like to contribute a translation of the quick start guide: please post your thoughts in the forums.

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