Feature Spotlight: Zotero Microsoft Word Integration Alpha

We would like to invite users to try the alpha release of Zotero MS Word integration. This preliminary release supports MLA and APA formats for in-text citations and bibliographies, as well as Chicago style for footnotes, in-text citations, and bibliographies. There are still kinks to be worked out, but we know how important this feature is to many of our users and wanted to let people start playing with it now.

The plugin has been tested with Word 2004 for Mac and Word 2002 (Office XP) and 2003 for Windows. Please see the documentation page for installation instructions and usage information.

One Response to “Feature Spotlight: Zotero Microsoft Word Integration Alpha”

  1. Cathedrals and Bazaars | Epistemographer Says:

    […] On the Word plugin: it seems to have come out of nowhere mainly because it did come out of nowhere. One of our developers, who’s currently in college, needed to write a paper and came back with a working Word plugin. This wasn’t a top-down directive so much as him saying “Hey, this’d be cool,” and pulling it out of thin air (he’s actually got quite a reputation around CHNM for suddenly producing incredibly cool bits of code). As for the OpenOffice functionality, when Kari wrote “We do indeed have plans to add support for OpenOffice—it should happen sometime in 2007” the meaning behind that was “We’ve been talking to Bruce and others, and we’re hoping to work with them later in 2007 to get a similar plugin running for OpenOffice.” The statement was more opaque than it might have been, but it doesn’t belie a master plan evolving within CHNM to exclude OpenOffice folks (heck, we’d love it if someone else would step up and start building that functionality, rather than waiting for us to do so). […]