We’re in the process of updating the documentation for Zotero 5.0. Some documentation may be outdated in the meantime. Thanks for your understanding.

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What is Zotero?

What is Zotero, anyway? It's a handy reference management tool that lives inside and outside the browser window. You can capture and organize citations, create bibliographies on the fly, and share your research with folks down the block or across the planet. Find out more about the Zotero ecosystem and what Zotero can do for you here.

Video: http://www.zotero.org/support/quick_start_guide

Using Zotero

Help & Troubleshooting (including Local Support)

Extending Zotero

Teaching Zotero

Video Tutorials

Check out [[http://www.youtube.com/user/ZoteroVideo]Zotero's Youtube channel] for a plethora of tips, tricks and how-tos.

Developing for Zotero

  • Use our API to integrate Zotero data into your own applications or web pages
  • Write a translator to make it easier for zotero users to ingest content
  • Create a citation style for a publication with specific requirements
  • Develop a plugin that adds a cool new feature
  • Contribute to the client with bug fixes or features
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