Zotero and the Internet Archive Join Forces

Recently the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded the Center for History and New Media and the Internet Archive $1.2 million dollars to develop new services that will aid scholarly sharing, collaboration, citation, and annotation.

In 2008, users will be able to drag and drop items into the “Zotero Commons” – a dedicated part of the Internet Archive’s servers – through an icon in the left column.

Zotero Commons

Items donated to the Commons will be stored in subdirectories of the Commons named for the donors. In addition to encouraging donations to the commons (since those donating will receive credit for their contributions), this feature will also enable users to identify others who are working with and/or annotating the same content, fostering new collaboration opportunities. The benefits to the scholarly community of the Common are thus threefold:

1) The availability of permanent, persistent archival, off-site storage for long-term management and use of digital content.

2) The ability to share resources publicly for easy access by other scholars.

3) The simplified discovery of new, related resources and potential collaboration opportunities.

As an added incentive to donate to the Commons, the Internet Archive will provide free OCR for your contributions and send you the transcribed text to help you search your personal library.

In addition, modifications will be made to Zotero to make it easier for researchers to select already archived files and web pages from the Internet Archive’s existing collections rather than saving local copies. This will enable better referencing of “born digital” items and allow for the collaborative annotation of web documents.

Zotero Commons and Zotero 2.0

Zotero 2.0 will allow you to sync your library’s metadata to the Zotero Server.

You will sync your metadata with the Zotero server

With Zotero Commons you will be able to contribute public domain images, texts, audio and other files.
You can also contribute files to the Zotero Commons

In turn, the Internet Archive will send you any text extracted from donated documents.
You will then recieve OCR from the Zotero Commons

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