Zotero 1.0.3: Web Bibliography Gets A Little Easier

Zotero 1.0.3 is now available. In addition to supporting thirteen more sites and resolving an assortment of bugs with word processor integration, 1.0.3 offers some new features for sharing bibliographies on the web.

It is now easier than ever to insert bibliographic information into blog posts, forum discussions, and web pages. Through Zotero’s export preferences (shown below) you can now include HTML markup in drag and drop bibliographies. To include HTML in your drag and drop bibliographies, all you need to do is check the new “Copy as HTML” box on the export pane of your Zotero preferences.

Beyond adding HTML to style your references, this feature will also embed metadata in COinS with many of the most popular item types. This turns your drag and drop bibliographies into smart bibliographies. Anyone who comes across your references on the web will be able to instantly capture them and add them to their Zotero collections.

From the Preferences pane you can also configure site-specific settings to use specific styles and preferences for different domain paths. Site-specific settings allow you to set different preferences for the different sites you edit. For example you can set a preference to use Wikipedia citation templates automatically at Wikipedia.org, or set it to use MLA style and include HTML for bibliographies that you include on your blog. To add a site-specific setting, click the plus sign at the bottom of the Preferences pane. Then enter the Domain/Path that you want the specific settings applied to and choose your style. If you want to include HTML, then simply check the “Copy as HTML” box.

You can see the full changelog for 1.0.3 here.