Synchronize PDFs and Collaborate with Zotero

For the last few months Zotero beta testers have been rapidly filling up their free 100 megabytes of storage space with attached PDFs, images, and video files. We are thrilled to announce that users can now purchase additional storage space for Zotero. Your storage even works for your Zotero groups! In addition to bibliographic information, tags, and notes, you can now share PDFs and other files with students and colleagues.

Effective immediately, you can upgrade your account and purchase additional storage from the storage tab on your settings page. See the Storage FAQ for additional information and pricingĀ  information. For details about enabling your storage see our documentation on syncing files.

To be clear, users will continue to be able to sync an unlimited amount of items, tags, notes and links to our servers, as always. The addition of this new storage space simply allows users the new ability to sync attached files like PDFs, images, and datasets. Zotero will also continue to support WebDAV for the synchronization of personal files, but the new functionality of synchronizing files to group libraries will require the use of Zotero storage.