New French and Japanese user guides

Earlier this week one of the more Francophile Zoterons here at the Center came across this fantastic French user guide. The Center for History and New Media is committed to making Zotero an international multi-lingual application and we are grateful for CIERA’s development of this French documentation. In a similar development yesterday a blogger posted a Japanese intro to Zotero on the blog PoP*PoP.

While we plan to develop user guides for a diverse set of languages we would be happy to fold in guides developed by non-anglophone users. If you would like to work on a guide for Zotero in another tongue, or have already put something together on Zotero, please contact We would be happy to offer any assistance we can. We are excited to connect French and Japanese users to Zotero through these guides, as each brings us one step closer to better connecting people of all languages to their research through Zotero.

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