Major Upgrades Underway

Things may have seemed quiet here on the Zotero front over the past few months, but the development timeline tells a very different story: we recently recorded our 10,000th commit to the code repository, and the pace of development associated with the Zotero Everywhere initiative has only accelerated since then. Over the next two weeks, we’re unveiling the initial fruits of this labor, including:

An entirely redesigned website including full read and write functionality. Based on our own public API, this site brings full interactivity with your library to any browser. A few design quirks remain, but we wanted to put all the new functionality into your hands now while we continue to iron out these issues in the background.
New Website

A beta release of the standalone version of Zotero. This new version of Zotero for Mac, Windows, and Linux no longer runs in a browser pane and does not require Firefox.

New browser connector betas. Zotero’s ability to grab bibliographic items with a single click now comes to browsers other than Firefox. The initial beta includes connectors for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. If Zotero isn’t installed on the user’s machine, the connectors can add items directly to the user’s Zotero library hosted on our servers.

New word processor integration. A slick and streamlined new interface for adding and editing citations will be available in Word and OpenOffice.
Word Integration

Much of this software will still remain in beta for a few more weeks, but we’re far beyond the initial alpha stage and well on our way to a production release. We hope you’ll agree it has been worth the wait!

23 Responses to “Major Upgrades Underway”

  1. nik Says:

    Well done guys! Cannot wait for the new features.

  2. mark Says:

    Yay, looking forward to all of this! Thanks for the update!

  3. Pachuco Says:

    I like the redesigned Zotero web page and, as a daily user of Zotero, I look forward very much to the promised major upgrade of the program.

    Congratulations on all the good efforts!

  4. Dani Says:

    Congrats! I was waiting for the standalone version for years! Well done!

  5. Luke Says:

    Super thanks. (That’s well beyond “much thanks” and just a simple “thanks” on the scale of Thank-Yous).
    I almost spent money on _____ (insert the name of a product that does something similar but worse for way too much money on my little graduate school budget), a professor even told me I had to, but then this blog post came along, like on the eve of almost buying _______ (that totally meh product), and it assured me that, no, this was how to do a dissertation, this right here, Zotero.

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  8. Thilo Says:

    This is an excellent opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone involved in developing such a great program! And making it even better!

  9. john murimboh Says:

    great news! the changes look exciting. particularly looking forward to the ability to edit citations. can’t wait!!!

  10. fulano Says:

    Well done, zotero is a tool that makes my life much more productive and easy

  11. richlivi Says:

    This is absolutely fantastic news. Can’t wait to try out the new apps. Great job Zotero team!

  12. wisarut Says:

    I have recommended zotero to each student doing research under my guide, all of they are happy with it than those commercial softwares.

  13. Carlos Says:

    Well done, I can’t wait for the new betas!

  14. Marko Says:

    Zotero rocks!! I love that you have it in your browser and it is easy to use! I can not wait untill the Zotero 2.0 arrives!

  15. Mies Says:

    I see the change to the site. Looking good. Now to see how best to use the group function.

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  17. Z-Gk Says:

    Well the Zotero team is improving faster than i thought and i’m happy to know that sonner we will have a standalone version to enjoy a software that improved the manage of my bibliographic data thanks guys for all the effort, keep getting Zotero better !!!

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  19. paolo Says:

    you are really a great team! by far the most useful software after the invention of the web browser 😉
    Without you, my PhD would take forever…

  20. dimer Says:

    This is great news. Zotero is the best thing to happen to researchers since broadband internet. You are really helping non-grant funded scientists.

  21. hkb Says:

    Looks great! with the additional connectors, Chrome will be my sole browser!

  22. davelsc Says:

    Love it that I can now use Zotero with Chrome and Safari. Stopped the afternoon’s activities long enough to “tweet your horn” Zotero. Thanks for the progress on an amazing and powerful app.

  23. pauls Says:

    Thanks for a great tool and for continued innovation. I use Zotero everyday and I really appreciate your hard work to make it possible.