Do you teach Zotero? Add your name and help the cause!

In an effort to organize and formalize outreach, Zotero is compiling a master list of contact information of those individuals who currently teach Zotero (or are interested in evangelizing) at various institutions around the globe.

Also being created is a search and browse tool (with geospatial functionality) so you can find out:

  • which institutions are supporting Zotero
  • which institutions have workshops and demos, and what is the technical level of these workshops (beginner, intro to CSL/translator workshops, etc)
  • lists of libraries vs other institutions using Zotero and their locales
  • which places are offering guides and videos, and so on
  • who is implementing remote support mechanisms

There will be new Zotero listservs, key Zotero Groups as well as cool new additions to the software cropping up in the coming weeks, and you can keep up to date on any big changes via the Zotero Evangelist group, as well as this blog and the Zotero Twitter. (NOTE: You can monitor Twitter updates by “following” us from your personal Twitter or by using a feed aggregator.  Twitter is a great way to get updates, however you choose to use it.)


Zotero is also looking at formalizing and improving Zotero outreach, documentation (on the Z site and beyond) and education. This would include determining locations where community evangelists can collate or post links to scripts, videos, libguides etc. so folks don’t need to search around for templates or reinvent the wheel (rather, people can just tweak the wheel per their institution’s requirements) and hopefully this will make the process of teaching Zotero a little bit easier on everyone.

Any personal contact info (email, name etc) will not be publicized or circulated without consent via the form.

Having this list is *crucial* because updates to Zotero docs and outreach cannot happen without community support and input, and these efforts are about improving the Zotero experience for teachers and the many Zotero communities around the world. (We’ll be crafting and sending out a form soon to garner opinions for improvements, and live chat /webinar/screensharing possibilities are being explored too.)

If you are a Zotero teacher for your institution, please complete our online registration form.


It will be a little while until these grand plans get underway but feedback and opinions regarding changes can be posted in the Zotero Evangelist Googlegroup for the time being. Joining also puts you on a listserv so you can exchange emails with other group members.

If you know of other evangelists who have not yet joined, please forward this request to them as well.

Thanks again, and I’ll be in touch again shortly!

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