Annotate and Highlight Your Archived Pages

One of Zotero 1.0 Beta 4’s most exciting new features is its in-page annotation functionality. With this feature you can now work with web resources in the same way you would with printed materials by highlighting and adding sticky notes to your archived pages.

When you open a web-snapshot you will now see the annotation tool bar:

Click the highlight icon to turn your cursor into a highlighter, then click and drag to highlight text. If you decide to undo your highlighting, you can click the un-highlight icon and select text to remove the highlighting.

To add sticky notes, click the add annotation icon. Now wherever you click on the page you will add a sticky note. You can hide the annotation by clicking on the collapse annotation speech bubble in the top right corner of the note. To resize the note, click the bottom right corner and drag. If you would like to delete a sticky, click the delete annotation box in the upper left corner of the note. To toggle all your annotations in and out of view, click the show and hide annotation buttons on the annotation toolbar.

The annotation functions now available in Zotero 1.0 Beta 4 make an already solid platform for digital research even more powerful. By allowing you to work with archived web snapshots in the same ways you would with conventional print resources, these annotation features help to streamline the digital research process.

To see a screencast of the new annotation features in action, click the thumbnail below:

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