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How’s Your Klingon?

We’re very interested in getting users to help us translate Zotero into other languages. If you are a fluent speaker or writer of anything other than English, you can contribute your own translation of Zotero by using BabelZilla. You’ll be able to perform nearly all of the editing through an easy-to-use web interface. For more instructions, visit our localization documentation.

Update: In just 24 hours, we have already received translations of Zotero into Chinese (simplified characters) and German. Versions in Dutch, French, Japanese, and Swedish are now in progress. BabelZilla translators, thanks for all of your hard work! If anyone else is interested in translating Zotero into another language, please jump on the bandwagon by heading to BabelZilla.

Firefox 2.0 Released, Zotero Upgrade Available

Firefox 2.0 went out of beta today, with the final release available from Mozilla. So those who have been hesitant to use Zotero with a beta browser can now go forth and download. If you’re still worrying about your other Firefox extensions and whether they are compatible with Firefox 2.0, please read “3 Ways to Make Old Extensions Compatible with Firefox 2.0.” If you’re using Internet Explorer, why not try out the latest and greatest Firefox and see what you’ve been missing (including a certain extension that will make your research easier…).

Speaking of Zotero, with the release of Firefox 2.0 we are releasing our own update, which is now available to all users, including those who have already installed Zotero as well as new users. Version 1.0.0b2.r2 of Zotero adds some great features (thanks for the suggestions, beta testers!), like support for automatic spell checking in notes, the ability to create notes via text selection on web pages, and buttons to select/deselect all items when saving multiple items from a web page, as well as a lot of bug fixes, stability enhancements, and import/export and citation style fixes. Please see the release notes for a full list of changes.

Firefox 2.0 rc3 Now Available

With this week’s release candidate 3, development on Firefox 2.0 is nearly complete. At this rate, it looks like the code should be finalized by the end of the month.

Firefox 2.0 Release Candidate 2 Available

For those who were unable to download a copy of Firefox 2.0 yesterday because Mozilla was preparing a new version, or who have been worried about trying Zotero because it requires Firefox 2.0, the good news is that Mozilla posted release candidate 2 of their new browser last night. Firefox 2.0 RC2 is probably very close to the final version of the software. Just click on the link to Firefox 2.0 on our home page to get a copy of it, then get started with Zotero by clicking on our download button!

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