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Trevor Owens : Curriculum Vitae


2009 C.W. Bright Pixel Award

Awarded for best new media project, Playing History, by the History and Art History department at George Mason University.

2009 50+ Semantic Web Pros to Follow on Twitter

Chosen by Read Write Web as a semantic web pro

2006 Ruth Knatz Memorial Prize

Granted by the Integrated Liberal Studies department to one graduating senior for interdisciplinary work in the humanities

2005 Tricia Nordby Hamrin Research Award

Awarded by the Honors department for work on senior thesis entitled “A Child’s Eye View of Life as a Scientist: A History of Biographies of Marie Curie and Albert Einstein Written for Children”

Peer Reviewed Publications

Chmiel, M., & Owens, T. (2006). Anti-evolution literature and its hidden pedagogical value: Confronting the creationism dilemma. Leeds, UK. Retrieved from

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Owens, T. (2008). Zotero: Making Student Research Transparent. Madison Wisconsin. 

Peer Reviewed Presentations

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Invited Presentations:

Owens, T. (2007a, April 20). Implementing Zotero On Campus. Harvard University.

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MA American History : George Mason University 2009

Focus: History and New Media

Grade Point Average: 3.9

BA History of Science : University of Wisconsin- Madison 2006

Minors: Philosophy and Educational Policy Studies

Grade Point Average: 3.9

Employment and Service Experience

Community Lead and Technology Evangelist:

Center for History and New Media (CHNM) Winter 2006- Present

Build, manage, and provide support for a community around Zotero, an Open Source research tool enabling new kinds of digital scholarship.

• Presented CHNM’s tools to students, librarians, administrators and scholars at over 30 institutions.

• Primary author for the Zotero blog.

• Developed a Google Custom Search Engine for Exploring and Collecting History Online

• Wrote software documentation

• Produced tutorial screencasts

• Developed comprehensive marketing plan

Academic Advisor:

University of Wisconsin Summer 2006

Advised incoming freshmen in the University of Wisconsin College of Letters and Science.

• Helped incoming students develop a plan of study

• Trained students to use the online enrolment system

• Served as a ambassador for the university

Press and Webcast Coordinator:

Games Learning, and Society Conference September 2005- June 2006

Coordinated press for a international conference focusing on the role of video games and simulations in the future of education.

• Attracted national and international press attention

• Served as liaison between conference organizers, attendees, and speakers

• Directed the conference web-cast

Literacy Coach:

Teach For America September 2004- May 2005

Volunteer Mentor for the Teach for America after-school program at Shank Elementary. Taught literacy skills to second grade students with unique learning needs