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Note: These videos were made using an old version of Zotero. Much of the Zotero interface has been changed dramatically in the years since these videos were made. While the videos may still be helpful for learning about Zotero's features, we recommend looking at the screenshots in the other documentation pages to learn about Zotero's current interface.

In an effort to make Zotero as user friendly as possible we have developed these screencasts demonstrating many of the basic functions of Zotero. Click on any of the images to watch screencasts detailing the features named below. Special thanks to Steve Bailey from CU-Boulder for preparing the introductory tour.

Getting Started

Tour of Zotero Getting Stuff Into Zotero

Finding Items

Part One: Sorting Part Two: Basic Search Part Three: Advanced Search

Managing Your Library

Part One: Collections Part Two: Tags Part Three: Tag Selector Box

Other Features

Manually Creating Items Creating Items from Webpages
Notes Timeline Retrieve PDF Metadata

Zotero and Other Tools

Zotero and Microsoft Word Zotero and Google Products
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