List of WebDAV services

This page contains a list of WebDAV services which provide a free plan and which users have reported success using with Zotero. Free plans may have some limitations. All service providers also offer larger and less limited paid plans. The list is not exhaustive. Service providers not listed here may still work with Zotero.

This list is user-generated and does not entail an endorsement of any service by Zotero. Zotero works with correctly-specified WebDAV servers and can provide only minimal support for problems with 3rd party WebDAV providers.

Service Free space WebDAV URL Notes and Limitations
4shared 15 GB (unofficial) Maximum file size 2 GB. Maximum 5,000 files per folder (≈2,500 Zotero attachments).
CloudMe 3 GB{username}/xios/zotero Maximum file size 150 MB. Users have reported sync errors with CloudMe WebDAV
DriveOnWeb 3 GB Documentation is in German.
Google Drive 3 GB Requires setting up a personal WebDAV bridge or using a third-party service to provide WebDAV access to Google Drive, such as DAV-Pocket (may no longer be working). WebDAV URLs vary by service. Some services will not work on all operating systems. Consider using linked files with Zotfile instead of WebDAV syncing with Google Drive
HiDrive 5 GB{username}/zotero
iDriveSync 10 GB Some users have had difficulties with this service and their documentation recommends against extensive use.
Koofr 2 GB See setup instructions here.
pCloud 10 GB (Europe)
Unlimited file size and transfer speeds. An additional free 10 GB storage is available through referrals.
Storegate 2 GB{username}/home/{username}/zotero
Yandex Disk 10 GB Documentation is in Russian.

Note: The “/zotero” part at the end of the WebDAV URL is added automatically by Zotero and should not be included when entering the WebDAV URL into Zotero preferences.

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