Zotero Keyboard Shortcuts

Note that the Shortcuts pane of the Preferences allows you to change some of those keyboard shortcuts.

Adding Items to your Zotero Library

FunctionWindows/LinuxMac OS
Save to ZoteroCtrl+Shift+SCmd+Shift+S
Create a New Item by HandCtrl+Shift+NCmd+Shift+N
Create a New NoteCtrl+Shift+OCmd+Shift+O
Import Ctrl+Shift+ICmd+Shift+I
Import from ClipboardCtrl+Shift+Alt+ICmd+Option+Shift+I

Editing Items (Info Tab)

Add Another Author/Creator when Editing CreatorShift+EnterShift+Enter
Save Abstract or Extra fieldShift+EnterShift+Enter

Removing or Deleting Items and Collections

Functionfrom My Libraryfrom a Collection
Move to TrashDelShift+Del
Move to Trash without Confirmation DialogShift+DelNot Available
Remove from CollectionNot ApplicableDel (Only for top-level items)
Delete Collection (and Keep Items in Library and Others Collections, if any)Del
Delete Collection and Move Items to TrashShift+Del

Creating Citations and Bibliographies (Quick Copy)

FunctionWindows/Linux DefaultsMac OS Defaults
Copy Selected Item Citations to ClipboardCtrl+Shift+ACmd+Shift+A
Copy Selected Items to ClipboardCtrl+Shift+CCmd+Shift+C
FunctionWindows/LinuxMac OS
Focus Libraries (Left) Pane Ctrl+Shift+LCmd+Shift+L
Move through Panes and FieldsTab/Shift+TabTab
Move through Info/Notes/Tags/Related Tabs and (or Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Ctrl+PgUp/Ctrl+PgDn)Ctrl+PgUp/Ctrl+PgDn1)
Quick SearchCtrl+Shift+KCmd+Shift+K
Quick SearchCtrl+FCmd+F

Moving Between Tabs

Zotero supports most standard shortcuts for switching between tabs:

  • Ctrl+PageDown/PageUp (Control+Fn+Up/Down on most Mac keyboards)
  • Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift-Tab
  • Cmd+Shift+[/] (macOS only)
  • Cmd+Option+/ (macOS only)
  • Cmd/Ctrl+1 through 9


FunctionWindows/LinuxMac OS
Quick SearchCtrl+Shift+KCmd+Shift+K
Quick SearchCtrl+FCmd+F
Find/Highlight Collection(s) an Item belongs toHold down Ctrl (Windows) or Alt (Linux)Hold down Option


FunctionWindows/LinuxMac OS
Toggle Tag SelectorCtrl+Shift+TCmd+Shift+T
Assign Colored Tag to an Item1 to 6 keys1 to 6 keys


FunctionWindows/LinuxMac OS
Mark All Feed Items as Read/UnreadCtrl+Shift+RCmd+Shift+R
Mark Feed as Read/UnreadCtrl+Shift+`Cmd+Shift+`

Other Shortcuts

FunctionWindows/LinuxMac OS
Expand/Collapse Collections or Items List+/-+/-
Highlight All Collections an Item is in Hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Alt (Linux) Hold down Option
Count Items (Result Appears in Right-Hand Pane)Ctrl+ACmd+A
Edit Collection Names (Left Pane)F2Not available

PDF Reader

This section is incomplete.

Switch between annotation toolsAlt-1/2/3/4Option-1/2/3/4
Back (in-PDF link)Alt+Left, Ctrl+[ (Linux) Cmd+Left, Cmd+[
Forward (in-PDF link)Alt+Right, Ctrl+] (Linux) Cmd+Right, Cmd+]


This section hasn't been fully updated for the new note editor in Zotero 6.

FunctionWindows/LinuxMac OS
Select AllCtrl+ACmd+A
RedoCtrl+Y or Ctrl+Shift+ZCmd+Y or Cmd+Shift+Z
Paste without formattingCtrl+Shift+VCmd+Shift+V
Format Heading 1 to 6Shift+Alt+1/6Ctrl+Alt+1/6
Format as ParagraphShift+Alt+7Ctrl+Alt+7
Format as DivShift+Alt+8Ctrl+Alt+8
Format as AddressShift+Alt+9Ctrl+Alt+9
Find and ReplaceCtrl+FCmd+F
Insert LinkCtrl+KCmd+K
Focus/jump to toolbarAlt+F10Alt+F10

Word Processor Plugin

Customize your Shortcuts

The third-party Zutilo plugin adds various functions not available in Zotero itself through extra menu items and keyboard shortcuts.

1) MacBooks and the Apple Wireless Keyboard don't have dedicated Page-Up/Page-Down keys, so you have to use Fn+Up/Down-arrow on those to simulate the Page-Up/Page-Down keys.