Zotero Keyboard Shortcuts

Zotero Desktop App

Note that the Shortcuts pane of the Zotero preferences allows you to change some of these keyboard shortcuts.

Adding Items to your Zotero Library

FunctionWindows/LinuxMac OS
Save to ZoteroCtrl+Shift+SCmd+Shift+S
Create a New Item by HandCtrl+Shift+NCmd+Shift+N
Create a New NoteCtrl+Shift+OCmd+Shift+O
Import Ctrl+Shift+ICmd+Shift+I
Import from ClipboardCtrl+Shift+Alt+ICmd+Option+Shift+I

Editing Items (Info Tab)

Add Another Author/Creator when Editing CreatorShift+EnterShift+Enter
Save Abstract or Extra fieldShift+EnterShift+Enter

Removing or Deleting Items and Collections

Functionfrom My Libraryfrom a Collection
Move to TrashDelShift+Del / Cmd+Delete
Move to Trash without Confirmation DialogShift+Del / Cmd+DeleteNot Available
Remove from CollectionNot ApplicableDel (Only for top-level items)
Delete Collection (and Keep Items in Library and Others Collections, if any)Del
Delete Collection and Move Items to TrashShift+Del / Cmd+Delete

Creating Citations and Bibliographies (Quick Copy)

FunctionWindows/Linux DefaultsMac OS Defaults
Copy Selected Item Citations to ClipboardCtrl+Shift+ACmd+Shift+A
Copy Selected Items to ClipboardCtrl+Shift+CCmd+Shift+C
FunctionWindows/LinuxMac OS
Focus Libraries (Left) Pane Ctrl+Shift+LCmd+Shift+L
Move through Panes and FieldsTab/Shift+TabTab
Move through Info/Notes/Tags/Related Tabs and (or Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Ctrl+PgUp/Ctrl+PgDn)Ctrl+PgUp/Ctrl+PgDn1)
Quick SearchCtrl+Shift+KCmd+Shift+K
Quick SearchCtrl+FCmd+F

Moving Between Tabs

Zotero supports most standard shortcuts for switching between tabs:

  • Ctrl+PageDown/PageUp (Control+Fn+Up/Down on most Mac keyboards)
  • Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift-Tab
  • Cmd+Shift+[/] (macOS only)
  • Cmd+Option+/ (macOS only)
  • Cmd/Ctrl+1 through 9


FunctionWindows/LinuxMac OS
Quick SearchCtrl+Shift+KCmd+Shift+K
Quick SearchCtrl+FCmd+F
Find/Highlight Collection(s) an Item belongs toHold down Ctrl (Windows) or Alt (Linux)Hold down Option


FunctionWindows/LinuxMac OS
Toggle Tag SelectorCtrl+Shift+TCmd+Shift+T
Assign Colored Tag to an Item1 to 6 keys1 to 6 keys


FunctionWindows/LinuxMac OS
Mark All Feed Items as Read/UnreadCtrl+Shift+RCmd+Shift+R
Mark Feed as Read/UnreadCtrl+Shift+`Cmd+Shift+`

Other Shortcuts

FunctionWindows/LinuxMac OS
Expand/Collapse Collections or Items List+/-+/-
Highlight All Collections an Item is in Hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Alt (Linux) Hold down Option
Count Items (Result Appears in Right-Hand Pane)Ctrl+ACmd+A
Edit Collection Names (Left Pane)F2Not available

PDF Reader

This section is incomplete.

Switch between annotation toolsAlt-1/2/3/4Option-1/2/3/4
Back (in-PDF link)Alt+Left, Ctrl+[ (Linux) Cmd+Left, Cmd+[
Forward (in-PDF link)Alt+Right, Ctrl+] (Linux) Cmd+Right, Cmd+]


This section hasn't been fully updated for the new note editor in Zotero 6.

FunctionWindows/LinuxMac OS
Select AllCtrl+ACmd+A
RedoCtrl+Y or Ctrl+Shift+ZCmd+Y or Cmd+Shift+Z
Paste without formattingCtrl+Shift+VCmd+Shift+V
Format Heading 1 to 6Shift+Alt+1/6Ctrl+Alt+1/6
Format as ParagraphShift+Alt+7Ctrl+Alt+7
Format as DivShift+Alt+8Ctrl+Alt+8
Format as AddressShift+Alt+9Ctrl+Alt+9
Find and ReplaceCtrl+FCmd+F
Insert LinkCtrl+KCmd+K
Focus/jump to toolbarAlt+F10Alt+F10

Zotero Connector

Chrome, Firefox, and Edge all provide a way to assign a keyboard shortcut to the Save to Zotero button. Consult your browser documentation for more information.

Word Processor Plugins

Customize your Shortcuts

The third-party Zutilo plugin adds various functions not available in Zotero itself through extra menu items and keyboard shortcuts.

MacBooks and the Apple Wireless Keyboard don't have dedicated Page-Up/Page-Down keys, so you have to use Fn+Up/Down-arrow on those to simulate the Page-Up/Page-Down keys.