How do I export my Zotero library?

To export an entire library, right-click on it in the Zotero collections pane and choose “Export Library…”, or select “Export Library…” from the “File” menu. To export an individual collection, right-click on it and choose “Export Collection…”. To export specific items, select them in the items list, right-click, and choose “Export Items…”.

When sharing items with another Zotero user, select Zotero RDF with files and notes for the most complete transfer.

Please note: Import/export is not recommended for transferring entire Zotero libraries between computers, nor is it a replacement for ongoing collaboration using Zotero groups. Reimported items will have new Date Added/Modified times, will no longer be linked to citations in existing word processor documents, and may have minor changes in a small number of fields.

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