Zotero does not currently have a dataset item type, but recent developments in the academic community have introduced a demand for collecting, storing, and citing dataset metadata. CSL has already introduced a dataset item type and Zotero will add this item type in a future version.

In the mean time, due to the interest in this item type, Zotero translators may import metadata for datasets and store it under a different item type. Following some discussion we're establishing the following guidelines that should make the imported metadata most usable in its current state and facilitate smooth transition into a dedicated item type once it is introduced. The table was update to match also another more current discussion.

Item Type

Until a more fitting item type becomes available, datasets should be imported as “Document”.

To distinguish dataset items from regular Document items in Zotero, the following should be added on a separate line into the “Extra” field.

Type: dataset

Data Fields

The following data field mappings should be applied

Dataset Field Zotero Field Note
Authors Author
Dataset title Title
Date published Date
Version Extra/Version e.g. Version: 4 on separate line. Do not include if version is 1
Data repository Publisher
DOI Extra/DOI e.g. DOI: 10.7910/DVN/GTJTFF
License Rights
Resource Type (optional) Extra/Medium e.g. Medium: Data set with code book
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