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Zotero Server API (version 2)

This is the recommended API version for all new development. To use this version, you currently must include the Zotero-API-Version HTTP header in all requests. The current default version of the API is version 1.

API Documentation

API Support

Please post questions regarding the Zotero API to the zotero-dev mailing list.

API Implementations

Known implementations of the Zotero Server API include:

The API‌ forms a fundamental part of several projects, including:

  • The online library view at, which is built using the same API‌
  • Zotpress, a WordPress plugin for including citations to items in your Zotero library in blog posts. The plugin makes extensive use of the read API and implements both key-based and OAuth for access control.
  • Biblio Bouts, an game where participants compete to collect high quality sources online. The game uses the API‌ to see what items participants have saved.
  • phpZoteroWebDAV, a WebDAV implementation in PHP which allows users to sync their attachments to their own webservers, including an online library and attachment view building off the read API. (AGPL)
  • Scanner for Zotero, Android app which saves items to Zotero libraries using the write API (Java, GPL-licensed)
  • Zandy Android app using the read and write APIs to provide full access to Zotero libraries (Java, AGPL-licensed)
  • ZotPad iPad/iPhone app using the read and file upload APIs to provide read access to Zotero libraries and read/write access to attachment files. Write access is planned. (Objective C, GPL-licensed)
  • Zotero Reader Browser app that provides read access to Zotero library and read/write access to PDF attachments. (Javascript/PHP)
  • ZotSpip, a SPIP plugin to synchronise a Zotero library with SPIP (a content management system). References can be presented in web pages and searched through a dedicated webpage. A complementary plugin (BiblioCheck) allows a research unit to manage corrections to apply to the unit bibliography. (PHP)
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