The Zotero Wiki

This webpage is part of the Zotero wiki, which serves as Zotero's official documentation.

We welcome people with a demonstrated history of helping other users in the forums to edit the wiki. If you're not a regular in the forums but think something in the wiki can be improved, let us know in the forums.

Wiki Sections

The Zotero wiki has three main sections:

Most of the wiki pages that are accessible from the wiki start page belong to the general user documentation. These pages form the Zotero manual. The most important task of this part of the wiki is to describe how to install Zotero and use its features.

The developers section contains information for developers who want to contribute to or built onto the Zotero ecosystem (consisting of the Zotero client, translators, localization, documentation, CSL styles, the Zotero API, etc.).

The knowledge base is a collection of wiki pages that each discuss either a frequently asked question, or a subject concerning Zotero that is of relatively rare interest. The tangential (and often brief) nature of these articles make them a great place to get familiar with documenting Zotero. If a question keeps coming up in the forums, create an article for it and link to it in future forum threads. To add a wiki page to the knowledge base, include the “kb” tag at the bottom of the page:


Editing the Wiki

Creating a Wiki Account & Logging In

As noted above, wiki editing access is generally restricted to regular volunteers in the Zotero Forums.

Note that a wiki account is not the same as a Zotero account. You can create a wiki account on the wiki registration page and then request editing access by emailing with your wiki username.

Once your wiki account has been approved, log in from any wiki page by appending “?do=login” to the page's URL (e.g. by visiting ).

Editing Pages

Once you are logged in, you can edit a page by clicking the “Edit this page” link that appears in the sidebar. You can read up on the wiki syntax at

Creating New Pages

To create a new page simply type in the URL where you want your page to reside. If no page exists at that location, you will be told “This topic does not exist yet”. Click the “Create this page” button to create the page.

Moving and Deleting Pages

The Zotero clients, Zotero forum posts, and other websites contain many links to pages of the Zotero wiki. To make sure people can find the information they're looking for, you should be cautious with moving and deleting wiki pages.

However, when after careful consideration you make the decision to move a page, make sure that the original page includes a link to the new page. The URLs of these pages should also be listed below, so that an automatic redirect can be set up.


For translating the Zotero wiki into other languages, see the information on Localization.

Wiki Etiquette

Any wiki edits are directly visible to other users. Therefore, especially for the general user documentation, only make edits when you're confident that they improve the wiki. When in doubt, or when you are planning major edits (like moving wiki pages), please first discuss your proposed changes in the Zotero forums.

Non-wiki Documentation

Third Party Documentation