Contact Zotero

Do not send technical support questions via email. See Getting Help.

  • If you're unable to log into your account and are unable to reset your password, email For all other technical support issues, see Getting Help. We do not provide technical support via email.
  • If you have a billing question about your Zotero storage subscription, or a question about institutional storage plans, email
  • If you're a developer interested in contributing code, using the Zotero APIs, or otherwise extending Zotero, post to the zotero-dev mailing list. Note that the dev list is for technical questions and is not for user support or feature requests.
  • Members of the press, independent journalists, bloggers, or anyone else who would like to cover Zotero and needs further information can contact
  • Security issues with Zotero or that can't be reported publicly can be reported to

For all other issues, please use the Zotero Forums, where you'll generally receive a response quickly from a Zotero developer or expert community member. See How Zotero Support Works for more information.

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