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 ====自动生成标签==== ====自动生成标签====
-When items are saved to a Zotero ​library via a web translator, tags are sometimes automatically attachedFor example, ​OPAC library catalogs provide subject headings for their recordswhich are saved as Zotero ​tagsAutomatic tags behave the same as manually added tags.+通过网页转换器添加到Zotero文献库里的条目通常会自动生成标签.OPAC馆藏目录中的记录提供主题标题,这些主题标题将作为Zotero标签自动录入.自动添加的标签与手动添加的标签的功能完全一致.
 {{ :​tag-selector-menu.png?​nolink&​|}} {{ :​tag-selector-menu.png?​nolink&​|}}
-Automatic tags can be hidden from the tag selector by clicking the multi-color button to the right of the tag selector'​s Filter field and deselecting "Show Automatic"​To prevent ​Zotero ​from adding automatic tagsuncheck "​Automatically tag items with keywords and subject headings"​ in the "​General"​ tab of the Zotero [[preferences]]. ​+点击标签选择器右下角的调色板图标,​在弹出的菜单中取消”显示自动标签”的勾选可以隐藏自动添加的标签.如果想阻止Zotero自动添加标签,Zotero[[preferences|首选项]]的常规选项卡中取消勾选”使用关键词及主题标题自动添加标签”. 
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