Third Party Documentation

This page lists Zotero documentation written by third parties. Read on to check whether Zotero documentation already exists for your institution, or to learn how you can easily create your own documentation.

You might want to write your own Zotero documentation to introduce users to Zotero, or to offer institution-specific information, e.g. by pointing users to local workshops, training opportunities and support.

Feel free to copy and repurpose any content (text, images, videos, etc.) from the Zotero website to help support and promote Zotero.

We always welcome contributions to this page and to the rest of the Zotero wiki (see Documentation to register for a wiki account). You can also join the Zotero Evangelists Google Group for more information.

Updated for Zotero 5.0

Note that most of the documentation listed below was written for older versions of Zotero and may not be completely accurate for Zotero 5.

Customized Quick Start Guides

A number of school libraries have put together very basic Zotero pages. Most of these pages have co-opted a bit of text from Zotero’s homepage, offering some basic installation instructions, maybe an embedded video on using Zotero and usually information on customizing Zotero to the specific institution. Other libraries have chosen to develop their own versions of Zotero’s quick start guide. In the examples below librarians at each of these institutions made their own set of screenshots, walking through what they saw as the key uses of Zotero for their patrons.

Extensive Institution Usage

Other libraries and campus educators have developed more extensive guides. Each of these examples attempts to provide greater detail related to issues specific to groups of researchers or library audiences at their institutions.

Specialized Documentation

Non-English Documentation

Legacy Documentation

Below are links to archival copies of third party guides formerly featured on this list, but no longer maintained by their host institutions or web pages. In most cases these are several versions out of date and may not include images or videos, but may still contain links or other information of interest to documentation developers.