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We’re in the process of updating the documentation for Zotero 5.0. Some documentation may be outdated in the meantime. Thanks for your understanding.

Frequently Requested Features

This page serves as an overview of the status of some of the most frequently requested features for Zotero. This list is unofficial and is principally maintained by community members, not by Zotero's developers. It is not a place for feature requests, which should be posted to the Zotero forum

Zotero Interface

Rich text formatting in the UI

Titles and abstracts in certain fields (e.g. biology) often contain text in superscript, subscript, italics, small-caps and bold-face. Zotero should allow in-field markup to be applied, and render marked up text with the proper formatting. This affects both the client and

Status: Supported by the Zotero team, no immediate plans to implement

Discussion: (refers to formatting on the website) (refers to client UI)

Mark non-duplicates

Provide a way to indicate that two items are not duplicates of each other when Zotero thinks they are.

Status: Planned for a future release


Switch users

Provide a way to switch between multiple user accounts via logging on/off.

Status: No elegant way to accomplish this has been discussed. No plans to implement in the near future. This is partially possible using Firefox profiles.


Specify sync preferences per collection

Indicate whether attachments/items will be synced for individual collections

Status: Not possible with current sync architecture


Custom Fields/Item Types

Create custom item types and custom metadata fields

Status: No immediate plans to implement. Possible future feature.

Comments: Zotero item types represent different ways that items are cited in bibliographies. Adding custom item types and fields makes it nearly impossible to support them in automatic bibliography generation, which is one of the major purposes of Zotero. Other issues include synchronization with the Zotero server and data exchange with other users.


Batch Editing

Editing of metadata fields and tags for multiple items at once



Status: Tentatively scheduled for version 5.2

Re-fetch metadata for an item

Provide a way to update/re-retrieve metadata for an item already in the library.

Status: Planned in conjunction with improved retrieve metadata feature. No specific timeline, faster implementation depends on community help.


Hierarchical Item Types (e.g. Edited Volumes and Chapters)

Allow for items to have a hierarchical relationship, e.g. have chapters as sub-items of an edited volume.

Status: Planned in the medium to long run, but implementation poses significant challenge & requires change in data layer.


Group Libraries

See who added an item

Provide a field that indicates which user within a group added an item to the group library.

Status: Planned for a future release



Check if group item exists in local library

Provide a way to check if an item in the group library is present in the local/personal library.

Status: Planned for a future release



Merge identical items inserted from different libraries

With multiple uers working on a single document, multiple citations referring to the same item can be inserted from different personal libraries. There should be a way to merge these citations into one.

Status: Planned for a future release


Finer control of user permissions

Create more user roles in group libraries that would allow finer control over who can add, edit, delete items/attachments.

Status: ?????????


RTF Scan

Citation disambiguation

Provide a way to disambiguate citations published by the same author in the same year.

Status: Planned for a future release


General improvements

Allow for citation features such as suppress author, prefix and suffix, locators other than pages and improve reliability.

Status: Implemented via Zotero RTF/ODF-scan plugin



Retrieve metadata from PDF based on file name

Use file name to improve retrieval of metadata for a PDF document.

Status: Planned as part of general improvements of retrieve metadata. Details still unclear. Help appreciated.


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