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Shortcut Keys

This pane allows the user to change Zotero's default keyboard shortcuts.

Open/Close Zotero Pane - Shows/hides the Zotero pane

Toggle Fullscreen Mode - Changes whether the Zotero pane takes up the full browser window, or just a portion of it

Library - Sets the focus to your Zotero library

Quick Search - Sets the focus to the search box

Create a New Item - Creates a new blank item in the current collection

Create a New Note - Creates a new standalone note in the current collection

Toggle Tag Selector - Shows/hides the tag selector

Copy Selected Item Citations to Clipboard - Copies an inline citation for the selected item(s) to the clipboard. (Depending on the style, this could be long and detailed or, if the style demands footnotes, simply a number.)

Copy Selected Items to Clipboard - Copies the full bibliographic citation for the selected item(s) to the clipboard

Import from Clipboard - Imports items from the raw code of any supported format (RIS, BibTeX, etc.) stored in the clipboard

Try to override conflicting shortcuts - Other Firefox add-ons may rely on the same keyboard shortcuts as Zotero. This feature may save you the trouble of finding and disabling the shortcut in the other add-on, assuming that's even an option. (Because Zotero is clearly far more important!)

Any changes made to this page will only take effect when a new browser window is opened.

Windows Defaults

Open/Close Zotero Pane Ctrl-Shift-Z
Toggle Fullscreen Mode Ctrl-Shift-F
Library Ctrl-Shift-L
Quick SearchCtrl-Shift-K
Create a new itemCtrl-Shift-N
Create a new noteCtrl-Shift-O
Toggle Tag Selector Ctrl-Shift-T
Copy Selected Item Citations to ClipboardCtrl-Shift-A
Copy Selected Items to ClipboardCtrl-Shift-C
Import from ClipboardCtrl-Shift-V

Mac OS X Defaults

Open/Close Zotero Pane Cmd-Shift-Z
Toggle Fullscreen Mode Cmd-Shift-F
Quick SearchCmd-Shift-K
Create a new itemCmd-Shift-N
Create a new noteCmd-Shift-O
Toggle Tag SelectorCmd-Shift-T
Copy Selected Item Citations to ClipboardCmd-Shift-A
Copy Selected Items to ClipboardCmd-Shift-C
Import from ClipboardCmd-Shift-V
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