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What connections do I need to allow through a firewall for Zotero to work properly?

If Zotero is being used, it should be given the same access that browsers on the system have or much of its functionality will be broken.

Zotero connects to various subdomains for syncing, translator/style updating, retraction notifications, error reporting, version updates, and more. All Zotero domains are behind AWS load balancers, so resolved IP addresses are transient and cannot be used for allowlisting.

Beyond domains, various core functionality depends on internet access that is unrestricted beyond standard content blocking: file saving (from any site a user saves from), Add Item by Identifier, PDF retrieval, PDF metadata retrieval, metadata updating, etc. Because of these required connections, it's not possible to limit Zotero's internet access to specific domains.

If you're having trouble allowing Zotero to connect through a firewall or proxy, see Connection Error.

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