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 +=== Why are Zotero citations or bibliographies always highlighted in gray or another color? ===
 +By default, Zotero stores the reference data for citations and the bibliography in [[https://​support.office.com/​en-us/​article/​Insert-fields-in-Word-c429bbb0-8669-48a7-bd24-bab6ba6b06bb|Fields]] (Word) or [[https://​help.libreoffice.org/​Writer/​About_Fields|Reference Marks]] (LibreOffice),​ which stores items' reference data hidden behind the formatted text.
 +Word and LibreOffice will highlight Fields/​Reference Marks on your screen to indicate that the text is automatically generated. This can help you avoid accidentally manually typing in the fields (to edit the text shown in a Zotero citation, see [[/​support/​word_processor_plugin_usage#​customizing_cites|Customizing Cites]]). These highlights are only shown on screen and won't appear if you print or save the document as a PDF. 
 +You can change the settings for highlighting Fields/​Reference Marks in your word processor:
 +  * **[[https://​helpdeskgeek.com/​office-tips/​show-field-shading-in-word-and-convert-the-fields-to-plain-text/​|Word for Windows]]:​** In Word Options, open "​Advanced",​ then set "Field shading"​ to "​Never",​ "​Always",​ or "When selected"​.
 +  * **Word for Mac:** Open Word -> Preferences -> View and set "Field shading"​ to "​Never",​ "​Always",​ or "When selected"​.
 +  * **[[https://​help.libreoffice.org/​Writer/​About_Fields|LibreOffice]]:​** Open Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice -> Application Colors and check/​uncheck the "Field shadings"​ box. You can also control the color used for field shadings.
 +See also [[/​support/​word_processor_plugin_troubleshooting#​citationsbibliography_highlighted|Citations Highlighted]].
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