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 document:​doc});</​code>​ document:​doc});</​code>​
 +Zotero will automatically use proxied versions of attachment URLs returned from translators when the original page was proxied, which allows translators to construct and return attachment URLs without needing to know whether proxying is in use. However, some sites expect unproxied PDF URLs at all times, causing PDF downloads to potentially fail if requested via a proxy. If a PDF URL is extracted directly from the page, it's already a functioning link that's proxied or not as appropriate,​ and a translator should include ''​proxy:​ false''​ in the attachment metadata to indicate that further proxying should not be performed:
 +<code javascript>​
 + url:​realpdf,​
 + title: "EBSCO Full Text",
 + mimeType:"​application/​pdf",​
 + proxy: false
 === Notes === === Notes ===
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