Zotero Client Coding

    • Learn where you find the Zotero source code, how to use the issue tracker, and how to contribute code.
    • Learn how to build the Zotero client from scratch.
    • When you write code for the Zotero project, there are some naming and formatting preferences we ask you to follow.
  • Client APIs and technical details
      • The Zotero client's internal API
      • The Zotero client stores most of its data in a SQLite database. Here you will find some details on accessing this database.
      • The Zotero Connector for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari talk to the HTTP server in the Zotero client.
    • Word Processor Integration API
      • Zotero word processor plugins are components implementing a small set of interfaces. Development guidelines for these interfaces are described for LibreOffice, Word for Windows, and Word for Mac.
      • The Google Docs plugin implements the HTTP citing protocol, by performing a sequence of HTTP requests in a transaction. This is the preferred way to provide citing integration with Zotero for document processors.
      • The LibreOffice plugin implements the word processor integration API by acting as a server for a simple TCP/IP protocol. If out-of-process communication mechanisms such as COM and AppleScript as well as HTTP messaging protocol is not available, the TCP/IP protocol can be used instead.
    • Learn how to extend the Zotero client with a plugin.
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