Setting up the standalone citeproc-node server

Step 1

Get citeproc-node

git clone
cd citeproc-node

Step 2

Fetch CSL 1.0 citation styles to where citeproc-node will find them

git clone csl

Step 3

Get CSL locale files

git clone csl-locales

Your directory listing is now

citeprocmodule.js     csl                  sampledata.json
citeprocnode.js       cslFetcher.js        test
citeprocnode-repl.js  csl-locales          testciteproc.js
citeServerConf.json   csl_nodejs.js        zoteronode.js
citeServer.js         csl_nodejs_jsdom.js
COPYING               node_modules

(csl, csl-locales, node_modules and test are all directories)

Step 4

An attempt to start the server may yield this error (the command syntax shown below assumes the node binary is in your path, of course):

node ./lib/citeServer.js
Error: Unable to load shared library /blah/blah/contextify.node

If so, follow the instructions at the top of the error message, which on a Linux system might read something like this:

To rebuild, go to the Contextify root folder and run 
'node-waf distclean && node-waf configure build'.

So we do this:

cd node_modules/jsdom/node_modules/contextify/
node-waf distclean &&  node-waf configure build

If the command gives an error the first time, try it again. If that does not help, try this while you are still in the contextify directory:

cd .. && rm -r contextify
git clone
cd contextify && npm rebuild

Step 5

Return to the top of the citeproc-node directory and attempt to run the server (again assuming that the node binary is in your path):

node ./lib/citeServer.js

If all is well, you will see:

debug log file :./citeServerLog.log
precaching CSL engines
Server running at

Step 6

Now to test the server using the sampledata.json file provided in the citeproc-node sources. Try posting it to your server (which you should still have running):

curl --header "Expect:nothing" --header "Content-type: application/json" --data @sampledata.json -X POST\&style=modern-language-association

Step 7

You should see this response appear on your screen:

<div class="csl-bib-body">
  <div class="csl-entry">Abbott, Derek A. et al. “Metabolic Engineering of <i>Saccharomyces Cerevisiae</i> for Production of Carboxylic Acids: Current Status and Challenges.” <i>FEMS Yeast Research</i> 9.8 (2009): 1123–1136. Print.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry"><i>Beck V. Beck</i>. Vol. 1999. 1999. Print.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry">---. Vol. 733. 1999. Print.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry">Bennett, Frank G., Jr. “Getting Property Right: ‘Informal’ Mortgages in the Japanese Courts.” <i>Pacific Rim Law &#38; Policy Journal</i> 18 (2009): 463–509. Print.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry"><i>British Columbia Elec. Ry. V. Loach</i>. Vol. 1916. 1915. Print.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry"><i>Clayton Act</i>. 1914. Print.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry">---. Vol. 38. 1914. Print.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry"><i>Donoghue V. Stevenson</i>. Vol. 1932. 1932. Print.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry">D’Arcus, Bruce. <i>Boundaries of Dissent: Protest and State Power in the Media Age</i>. New York: Routledge, 2006. Print.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry"><i>FTC Credit Practices Rule</i>. Vol. 16. 1999. Print.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry">Malone, Kemp. <i>Chapters on Chaucer</i>. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1951. Print.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry">Malone, Nolan J., U.S. Bureau of the Census. <i>Evaluating Components of International Migration: Consistency of 2000 Nativity Data</i>. New York: Routledge, 2001. Print.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry"><i>People V. Taylor</i>. Vol. 73. 1989. Print.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry">---. Vol. 541. 1989. Print.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry">---. Vol. 543. 1989. Print.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry">Razlogova, Elena. “Radio and Astonishment: The Emergence of Radio Sound, 1920-1926.” Society for Cinema Studies Annual Meeting. 2002.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry">---. “True Crime Radio and Listener Disenchantment with Network Broadcasting, 1935-1946.” <i>American Quarterly</i> 58 (2006): 137–158. Print.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry">Razlogova, Elena, and Lisa Lynch. “The Guantanamobile Project.” <i>Vectors</i> 1 (2005): n. pag. Print.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry">Zelle, Rintze M. et al. “Key Process Conditions for Production of C<sub>4</sub> Dicarboxylic Acids in Bioreactor Batch Cultures of an Engineered <i>Saccharomyces Cerevisiae</i> Strain.” <i>Applied and Environmental Microbiology</i> 76.3 (2010): 744–750.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry">梶田将司 et al. “高等教育機関における次世代教育学習支援プラットフォームの構築に向けて.” <i>日本教育工学会論文誌</i> 31.3 (2007): 297–305. Print.</div>
  <div class="csl-entry"><i>民法</i>. Print.</div>

Step 8

And … er … that's it!

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