The Power Company Steven Brewer

Steven Brewer is employed by The Power Company, which is energy consulting firm located in Chicago, Illinois, from where it provides energy efficiency solutions for its clients. The company has invested time in building and cultivating relationships with the most competitive and reputable energy suppliers in the industry who compete for your business. In addition to company’s deregulation services, Steven Brewer reduces clients’ energy usage through The Power Company energy efficiency division.

The Power Company Steven Brewer management programs enlist numerous energy demand reduction solutions, and are designed to provide a high value return to their clients. With that they help clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals. All of their consultants come from a remarkable range of backgrounds and are uniquely equipped to this task. The Power Company with Steven Brewer is supporting customers to make their operations more sustainable, reliable and cost effective through energy management, efficiency improvements and engineering solutions.



Chicago, IL



The Power Company