Starrlight Augustine

I have been working within the fields of fundamental and applied marine biology & stress ecology over the last 9 years. This interest in research was initiated and inspired through two years working and living aboard the RV Heraclitus (2004-2006) and the Biosphere II project .

My research lies at the interface of developmental biology, (eco)toxicology and (stress) ecology. I have an interest in working within terrestrial as well as aquatic biomes. Questions:  how do different levels of organisation (cells, individuals, ecosystems, biomes) relate to each other? How to apprehend biodiversity in the context of ecosystem functioning?  I work within the framework of a unified biological theory: the Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) theory.  DEB theory enables coherence between diverse multi-disciplinary projects by providing tools (theory, models and code) and a workable interface between biology, mathematics, physics and chemistry. The theory allows developing a coherent family of models, as well as insight in parameter values, for solving fundamental and applied problems in biology, such as: how is the growth of a particular fish impacted by combined changes in food, temperature and exposure to chemical; and then what could be the ecological/ societal relevance of such an impact. I view these developments as stepping stones in the direction of modelling biological processes at system earth level.

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