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<p><br /> What games really need in my point of view is the content, no

What games really need in my point of view is the content, not the graphics. Chess for instance is among the world's most played games in real life , but also on the internet. If a game is based on an appealing concept, then graphics will not matter. My friend has called me to play on his Icebox 360 or whatever you wish to call it. I can't remember the fun I used to have playing Nintendo 64 or PlayStation one classics.

Jagex's graphic updates are a joke. I don't know how many players were fooled. Graphic updates aren't game improvement updates. Apisanet.Com They're just there to lure new graphic-hungry gamers that are discovering the game. In addition in terms of finding games, I was just thinking of playing runescape classic because the wilderness is there, at the very least, the good old wildy as we are familiar with it. There are a few requirements which include the fact that you must have created your account in 2005. So I will look deeper into it and make another post in the near future about joining and playing in runescape classic. So a question to players What do you think of graphic updates in runescape, do you like to see simple or fancy graphics?