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Your Platform Bed Is Squeaky: How To Fix It? -

Between a day full of hustle and then a stressful working environment, the last thing you would want to experience is an interruption from your sleep. A squeaky bed can significantly jeopardize your environment and result in dwindled productivity during the day. Perhaps it wasn’t noticeable at first, but over time, the movement got worse, and the dreaded sound kept on increasing. If you have a squeaky bed, there’s nothing that could be more devastating, and what you would want to do is get rid of it. Below are a few steps to get the night’s sleep you deserve.

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1) Figure Out What’s Making Noise

One of the first steps to getting rid of a squeaky sound is knowing the cause of the noise. It could be your mattress, frame, or your box spring. To figure out what’s making the noise, you need to disassemble all components of the bed and put them separately. A vast space on the floor would ideally be functional, and if you don’t have one, you can transfer the items to another room.

Beginning with mattress inspection, mattresses hardly make any squeaks, but if the squeak emanates from this component, inspect whether its warranty is still valid. Some mattress manufacturers like DreamCloud have warrantied that they last a lifetime. If your mattress manufacturer doesn’t have such, or if it's void, you’ll have to get a new one. Still, if going to the store is inconvenient for you, cut a small hole using a coil and apply some spray to the fabric. It is vital to note that you should spray each coil separately to make sure you cover the one from which the squeak is emanating.

2) Check The Box Spring

The box spring is one of the most common sources of squeaks. If it’s not the mattress, you can tell whether or not the squeak is coming from the box spring by rolling on it and hearing where the noise is coming from. If you hear some squeaks, there is a high likelihood that it's coming from an old spring or the wood is rubbing against something. There is no immediate solution to this, considering that it can’t be repaired from home, and the recommendation would be getting a new one from affordable platforms.

3) Inspect The Frame

Begin by applying pressure on different parts of the frame, shaking it lightly. You need to check the headboard, footboard, the four sides, and bottom bases as well. If you hear a slight noise, there are several ways to fix this problem:

a) Add some cushioning

One of the ideal means of getting rid of this sound is adding some padding using an old pillow, socks, garments, or any unused fabric, on the top of your bed frame’s slats. This addition builds a barrier between the metal, wood frame, and mattress so that they don’t have much friction between them. This rubbing action is the leading cause of squeaks, and you can also fill up the empty spaces using a cork to reduce the relative movement. 

b) Strengthen the foundation

Some mattresses may be too heavy to be supported by the foundation. Some foundations have a maximum weight threshold, which should not be passed by the occupant and mattress. For instance, imagine having a foundation that can accommodate a weight of 300 Lbs, and your mattress weighs 350 Lbs before you lie on it. Well, those are arbitrary figures, but the truth is, if your mattress already bypasses the foundation’s weight limit, you’ll have to add more reinforcement using supports. Items like plywood, cinder blocks, or a wooden block can work pretty well.

c) Check the legs

The noise could be coming from irregular leggings rubbing the floor, especially if they’re made of hardwood. You undoubtedly wouldn’t want a situation where the floor gets damaged since it could cause a double loss. One of the most common causes of this is uneven legging lengths, causing the bed to rock when you’re sleeping on it. A solution to this would be adding some padding using old cushions, garments, or purchasing furniture paddings to add to the bottom of these leggings. 

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d) Tighten it up

Good knowledge and flexibility in using metalwork would be ideal for this part. Sometimes all it takes is checking around the bed frame and seeing what kind of metal is holding it together. Use a screwdriver or a wrench to hold the bolts and screws together, and you can also add some washers to act as lubrication.

e) Use a lubricant

After tightening all the screws, bolts, and adding washers until there is no more allowance for movement, the joints could be extremely tight until they try to offset some pressure by slight relative change. You may have to apply lubricants to get rid of this tightness. Lubricants can offset the load by working to reduce the tight grip between the screws and consequently minimizing friction.

f) Purchase a new frame

Frequently, this is arrived at when all the above options have proven futile, or when the damage to the frame is extreme. You need to consider the specifications of the one you are going to purchase so that it aligns with your mattress, décor, and weight to avoid any future complications. 

4) Rotate Your Mattress

Uneven wearing of the mattress is often attributed to sleeping on one side for quite an along. When you rotate the mattress and change the place you are sleeping on, you can change the weight distribution on the frame, and remove the squeaks. Once you’ve flipped it over, give it a quick try to ascertain whether the squeak is gone. 

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The slightest sleep deprivation can alter your weight, health, and even your genes. Occasional lack of sleep due to loud music in your neighbor’s house, a cold, or stress can do little harm, but let that be never attributed to a squeaky bed. Do all you can to fix the problem and have the good night’s sleep you deserve.