Richard Todd Stafford

I'm currently working on field statements on the Political and Cultural Ecology and Political Communications on Digital Networks.

My recent research has focused on the transition away from a coal-based economy in the Central Appalachian Basin; here are some of the parts of that project that have begun to take shape:

  • a critical analysis of Joe Sacco's comics representations of mountaintop removal mining inĀ Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt;
  • a comparative analysis of activist and scholarly counter-mapping of various indicators of the decline of coal,
  • an analysis of community-based decision making about sustainable development in the region which interrogates the role of market-based solutions in the discourses shaping these processes,
  • an examination of the relationships between "War on Coal" advertising and the project of government legitimacy in Risk Societies,
  • an exploration of what STS approaches could contribute to our understanding of AEP's Mountaineer Carbon Capture and Storage project in New Haven, WV.

As a side theoretical project, I'm also working on a paper about Nietzschean and Heideggerian thought in environmental ethics.


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