The first and basic principle of quality management proclaims an orientation toward the end user. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of companies are dependent on their own customers, which means they must understand their needs and meet their requirements. As a result, the first version of ISO 9001 (1987) was devoted to the problems of creating a QMS on this basic principle. Despite the fact that subsequently the document was repeatedly revised, its vector positions remained unchanged.

The timing of the implementation of the QMS according to the ISO 9001 standard is determined in each case individually, since many factors influence the duration of the process, and a full implementation of the system can take from several months to several years.

At the same time, the procedure for assessing compliance, which ends with the issuance of a document, usually takes no more than two weeks. In this case, the timing may vary from the size of the organization and the number of its staff.

Сертификат соответствия ИСО 9001


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