Matthias Tarasiewicz

I work as technical consultant, research strategy designer and project developer. To contact me for speaking engagement or any other inquiry, please contact me via my website, as other channels won’t reach me easily. You can find a list of my verified social media accounts on keybase. Events, appearances and involvements can be found on the respective github archive.

I am directing RIAT, an independent research and development organisation thematizing the future of decentralisation and fostering the adoption of cryptography and privacy technology across disciplines. We work with cryptocurrency (bitcoin) since 2010 and foster a large international network around the globe. RIAT is looking at the challenges and limitations of distributed systems by investigating future cryptoeconomics, code governance, and cryptopolitics. RIAT consists of a network of researchers, developers, entrepreneurs and experimentalists working on conceptioning, research design, project development and mentoring on future topics of decentralisation.


RIAT Institute

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