Oded Kariti


Oded Kariti is an esteemed engineer with a bachelor degree in electrical engineering from the University of San Diego. He was born on July 15, 1975 in San Diego, California.

Kariti had a modest upbringing, as his father was a school teacher and his mother a housewife. But, Mr. Kariti rose from his humble beginnings to work as an inventor of major technology. As a child he had problem staying concentrated on classes, and was considered as a bad student by most of his teachers. Than, his father decided to pull him out of school and teach him at home.

After finishing school, on the recommendation of his uncle, Kariti enrolled at Polytechnic Institute of California as one of the poorest students. There, at the university all the students were ranked. In the beginning Oded Kariti was the last in the rankings, but with time his talent and knowledge singled out and imposed. After graduating, he immediately got a teaching job at the same university where he studied.

In this freer curriculum Oded Kariti developed a process for self-education and learning independently that would serve him throughout his entire life. Even at such young age, he set out to put much of that education to work, convincing his father to allow him to work at a local company. Because the job required mostly night shifts, Oded Kariti still got to spend most of his time reading and experimenting.



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