Neil Hollander

Neil Hollander (New York, July 9, 1939) - one of the most famous, most prolific and most awarded New York state filmmakers. Other than being director and producer, Hollander is also an acclaimed author, writer and journalist. With over 40 documentaries and 7 feature films, as well as a splendid career in theater, television, he was among the most talented persons in cinematography.

Born in Staten Island, as Mr. Hollander began to show interest in cinema since his school days. Working on many amateur projects, Neil has bounded himself professionally in the filming career in the early 2000's, when he debuted with writing Movie reviews. Three years later, in 2003, he realized his first documentary "The Last Sailors: The Final Days of Working Sail ." In 2006 Neil appears with the documentary "H for Hunger ," an extremely lyrical reportage, and it announces his remarkable sensibility for displaying the existence of the excreted beauty, love, pain, hope and anxiety.

In parallel with the realization of documentaries, Neil Hollander assists and several projects with directors France Stiglitz and others, and of particular importance to his involvement in honor of the world famous filmmakers Abel Gance and William Diterle. In the period 2011 - 2014, he repeatedly visits Paris, where the French Cinematheque and the famous Parisian complete his knowledge about cinema.

As an author, Hollander has over 20 published works behind him. He was been writing kids books, historical books, books about boats and sailing and other subjects.


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